What gloves do you use to wash dishes? Are rubber gloves poisonous?

Rubber gloves usually used belong to natural rubber products. Natural rubber will age after a period of use. 1f it is often exposed to oil and hot water, it will become soft and sticky

What gloves do you use to wash dishes? Are rubber gloves poisonous

what kind of gloves do you use to wash dishes

1 believe many women want to have a pair of beautiful hands with “ten fingers pointed like bamboo shoots, and plain hands are delicate and glossy”. However, when you wash dishes, you often come into contact with oil and detergent containing chemical irritants, which often makes the skin of your hands rough and dry. Therefore, wearing a pair of gloves when washing dishes is the best choice. So, what gloves are better for washing dishes? How should we choose

choose according to comfort level

many women use dishwashing gloves for washing dishes or sanitation, and use them frequently, so hand comfort is very important. When choosing dishwashing gloves, they should choose some dishwashing gloves that conform to the design of hand curve, so that they can use comfortable dishwashing gloves flexibly like their second skin, This makes it easier to use and makes housework easier

select according to the design

high quality dishwashing gloves, in addition to the anti-skid granule design of fingers and palms, full palm anti-skid, so that things are not easy to slip, there is plush design, which can keep warm and cold, and has good affinity for the skin. Even in cold winter, it can also take full care of hands, not afraid of being attacked by detergent. 1nferior dishwashing gloves can’t do this. 1nferior dishwashing gloves often feel cold, stiff and have poor heat preservation. When they are used in winter, they can feel that they have no heat preservation effect. 1f they have used detergent or have been corroded and aged due to changes in summer and environment, they have short service life

choose according to the quality

dishwashing gloves will be used frequently, so it is more practical and convenient to choose some non stick fingers, stick to hands, and thin dishwashing gloves. High quality dishwashing gloves can be repeatedly cleaned, repeatedly dried, and do not fall down, no chips, no smell, safer, more durable. Ordinary dishwashing gloves are easy to stick, easy to fall down and chip after cleaning, not stick to hands, clumsy operation, inconvenient to wear and take off, and some have rubber smell

are rubber gloves poisonous?

according to their uses, rubber gloves can be divided into acid-base resistant gloves, electrical insulating gloves, radiation resistant gloves, medical gloves, etc. According to the rubber raw materials or manufacturing process, it can be divided into latex gloves and molded gloves. However, rubber gloves are toxic

there are many raw materials for making rubber gloves, and the compounding agent used in it is particularly important. The rubber gloves we buy for washing dishes belong to daily necessities, which requires that the raw materials used for rubber are non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free (because many of the rubber raw materials are toxic, tasteful and polluting). 1f we can smell the odor on the rubber gloves in serious cases, there must be something wrong with such gloves. 1t is more or less harmful to the body, so it is recommended that you do not use this kind of gloves again. 1t is recommended to wear gloves with inspection certificate, and do not buy fake products

precautions for using household gloves

in order to protect hands, you will wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or doing other household chores. What are the precautions for using rubber gloves

1. Gloves should be used in the kitchen and gargle to avoid bacterial cross infection. The more you wash, the dirtier you get

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