what happened to men’s dyspnea after morning exercise with haze mask?

these days, on the road,

we can often see such a scene:

more and more people wear masks ~ ~ ~

especially the high specification haze mask,

more popular with consumers< However, in fact, the higher the specification is, the better the performance is. not all people are suitable to wear anti haze masks this is not the case, a father of Zhao in Wuhan, wearing a new anti haze mask specially bought for him by his granddaughter during morning exercise, suddenly felt flustered, dizzy and uncomfortable, had difficulty breathing, and then sat on the ground after a kind-hearted person saw it, informed his family by phone later, he was rushed to the hospital by his family after treatment, Zhao’s palpitation symptoms were significantly relieved why does he faint when wearing a haze mask the doctor said: he is suffering from chronic lung disease, but wearing a mask, he has high respiratory resistance, it may be that he is flustered and dizzy due to lack of oxygen some experts also said: high specification haze mask, has greater resistance to normal breathing, wearing comfort will be poor while people need to inhale a lot of air during exercise, for the old people whose respiratory function is not good, the mild is poor breathing, the severe is acute palpitation, dizziness and so on for the sake of safety, it is not recommended that the following people wear anti haze masks< (1) pregnant women< (2) children< (3) patients with upper airway infection< (4) patients with lung function injury such as chronic respiratory disease or asthma< (5) patients with heart disease< (6) dizziness, dyspnea and skin sensitivity after wearing (7) those with obvious scars on the face that affect the close fit between the mask and the face source of materials: Hubei Jingshi, kanchutian, Pingan Zhongyuan, dingxiangyuan, etc., copyright belongs to the original author comprehensive arrangement: anananjun

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