What harm will welding do to the body

welding is very hard work, and it does a lot of harm to human body, Strong light – can be divided into visible light, invisible light (infrared and ultraviolet)

1. Strong ligh2. High temperature 3. Exhaust gas 4. Toxic metal 5. Electromagnetic wave 6. Work safety.

1. Strong light – can be divided into visible light, invisible light (infrared and ultraviolet)

light radiation during welding – high radiation and visible light can strongly stimulate eyes. Short term vision loss

ultraviolet radiation – pain caused by invisible light absorbed by cornea Keratitis and conjunctivitis often cause glaucoma.

infrared radiation is invisible light, which burns the aqueous humor and lens of the eye and makes the lens turbid. 1t burns the retina, affects vision for a long time and even leads to cataract.

according to its wavelength, infrared can be divided into three bands: 1R-A (infrared a) band, whose wavelength is 760nm ~ 1400nm, ir-b (infrared b) band, whose wavelength is 1.4um ~ 3um, The wavelength of 1r-C band is 3 um ~ 1 mm

in the infrared band, the main damage is cataract, retinal and corneal burns, and the thermal pressure caused by thermal radiation under low intensity light source

causes damage to the retina

in the wavelength range of 0.4um to 1.4um, the retina has a certain absorptivity, if the exposure is too much, it will cause retinal burns, So it is also called “retina damage area”

corneal damage

cornea in 1R-A band (& lt; When the wavelength is close to 1.4um (ir-b infrared B and 1r-C infrared C band), the absorption of cornea to light becomes larger (Fig. 8). Cornea and aqueous humor will absorb the radiation heat in the eyes, if the exposure is too large, it will cause burns [2]. 1n addition, the cornea is very sensitive to temperature, high-power infrared can cause severe pain in the eyes

causes of cataract

when the high-power light source is exposed for a short time, the heat energy transmitted by the iris is the main cause of cataract. When the low-energy light source is exposed for a long time, the lens directly absorbs the heat energy, which leads to cataract lesions(The effect of ultraviolet on skin is similar to that of boiled egg white. The ultraviolet with wavelength less than zzonm is almost absorbed by the keratinized layer of skin. The ultraviolet with wavelength of zponm has the strongest effect on skin and can cause erythema reaction. Exposure to strong ultraviolet radiation can produce diffuse erythema, itching or burning sensation, and can form vesicles or edema. The general symptoms include headache, fatigue and discomfort< Some welders wear only a pair of sunglasses instead of a mask. 1n the south, there are cases of facial skin cancer due to this. Their facial features are all gone.

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