What identity does the color of each industry helmet represent?

Safety helmets in power companies, construction, petroleum and other industries have many colors. Some people may think that those colorful helmets are a matter of personal preference. In fact, safety helmets are not “colorful, nor personal preference, but related Prescribed!
We will show in detail what identity the colors of the helmets represent:
¡ïElectric power companies:
The helmets of power plants generally have several colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, white, etc. In order to facilitate management, generally a department uses the same color safety helmet. The tradition that has been used, the use of safety helmets in general power plants (probably most power plants in China) are:
White safety helmets: visits by outside units Personnel
Red helmet: safety supervisor (manager of the unit)
Blue helmet: inspector (authorized to inspect but not authorized to maintain personnel)
Yellow helmet: line maintenance personnel
¡ïGuodian system:
White: Leaders
Blue: Management personnel
Yellow: Construction personnel
Red: Outsiders
¡ï Construction site:
White helmets: generally supervisor Or Party A, the supervisor is what we think of as the site manager, generally the middle-level personnel of the project, who is mainly responsible for the implementation of the site plan and the quality of the project.
Red helmet: generally a technician, manager or party. The crowd with red helmets is relatively complicated, but generally can be divided into two categories: technical personnel and low-level management personnel.
Blue helmets: generally technical personnel. Red helmets and blue helmets are based on the company’s Different, the choice is also different. In short, most of them are worn by technicians.
Yellow helmets: Generally speaking, ordinary workers, basically, so far, ordinary workers on construction sites in China are wearing yellow helmets.

¡ïPetroleum system:
White: Management personnel
Yellow: Safety supervisors
Red: Operators

¡ï Machinery industry:
Red: On behalf of the upper level of the company, such as leaders
Yellow: on behalf of the safety supervision department, such as inspection
Blue: on behalf of the grassroots staff, the majority of workers
White: on behalf of technical engineering, such as engineers

¡ïWork in explosive workplaces should wear red Safety helmets.
¡ïIn the railway system, the use of red helmets is prohibited.

Due to the different specifications of each industry, system and company, the specific regulations of each company shall prevail.

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