What identity does the color of safety helmet represent on the construction site?

According to the article (2) in the first safety helmet of Chapter 15 personal tools and safety tools in the latest compulsory standards for work safety of electric power enterprises, safety operation procedures for on-site operation and safety accident prevention and treatment practice book in 2006, it is stipulated as follows: “the safety helmets used by various units are divided into four colors: red, orange, white and blue. Management personnel wear red, operation personnel on duty wear orange, external inspection and visitors wear white, and on-site operation (maintenance, test and construction) personnel wear blue helmets. Safety helmet must be worn when entering the production site (except rest room, centralized control room and study room). The safety helmet of power plant generally has several colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, white, etc. For the convenience of management, generally a department uses the same color safety helmet

has such a slip of tongue: blue hat and yellow cap. The red cap has the final say. The safety helmet plays the most important role in the maintenance and operation personnel, and it directly affects the life safety of the front-line production personnel – this is no exaggeration, especially for the maintenance personnel. Therefore, for the requirements of safety helmet, not only the structure should be reasonable, firm and comfortable, but also the color should be eye-catching, which is particularly important for maintenance. As maintenance personnel, they often have to cross work up and down, and work in the environment with poor light. The eye-catching color will give direct hints to the working personnel and nearby personnel, which needs special attention, There are still people working below or beside me. Don’t drop things to hurt people. Don’t have other situations that may hurt or be hurt by others; When the safety supervisor or other personnel are on the scene, it is easy to find the hidden danger that the staff may violate the rules or may be injured from the eye-catching safety helmet, and timely prevent or rectify it. From this point, red is the most suitable for maintenance personnel

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