what is a gauze mask? Which one is better, disposable mask or gauze mask

What is a gauze mask? Disposable mask and gauze mask which good? 1n cold and haze days, everyone can’t avoid wearing a mask. There are many kinds of masks, and different kinds of masks have different functions. Gauze masks are very common in the market, but gauze masks are difficult to clean. So what is gauze masks? Disposable mask and gauze mask which is better

what is a gauze mask

when it comes to masks, you may think that the use and popularization of masks reached a climax in the period of SARS. During this period, masks were once out of stock. There were long lines at the door of many pharmacies, and people were wearing masks on the street. Some people may wear disposable masks, while others may wear gauze masks. What kind of mask is gauze mask

gauze mask is mainly used in the working environment with low concentration of harmful gas and steam. The filter box only contains adsorbent or sorbent. Gauze mask can be used repeatedly, but it must be cleaned and disinfected before use. Generally, it is not recommended to use gauze mask repeatedly. Some people just clean it after use, but do not disinfect it. At this time, dust or bacteria can not be cleaned, so it is not recommended to use gauze mask repeatedly if conditions permit

when purchasing gauze masks, we must pay attention to the regular hospital or outpatient department to purchase qualified gauze masks, so that the masks can play its use effect. There are many kinds of gauze masks, you can buy them according to your own needs

which is better, disposable mask or gauze mask

it is recommended to use disposable mask! The biggest mistake: use gauze mask as dust mask. As early as 2000, the former State Economic and Trade Commission explicitly stipulated in the State Economic and trade security [2000] that the gauze mask should not be used as a dust mask, but this kind of wrong choice is still often seen so far. Gauze masks are indeed widely used for dust prevention in the era of backward occupational protection technology in China. However, in recent years, with the progress of China’s protection standards, detection technology and manufacturing technology, as well as the general enhancement of social protection awareness, we have clearly realized the low efficiency of gauze. During SARS in 2003, due to the wrong guidance, medical staff used gauze masks for protection, which caused a large number of medical staff to be infected due to improper protection. The cost was huge and the lesson was profound. Although there is a conclusion on gauze masks from standards and regulations, the long-term use of gauze masks has cultivated many wrong protection concepts, such as more emphasis on “advantages” such as low cost, sweat absorption, water washing and ventilation, but less emphasis on the protective effects such as tightness and effective filtration

how to clean the non-woven mask

as long as the filtration mechanism of the non-woven mask depends on the ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth, the diameter of the fiber is about 1-5micron, so the dust captured by the ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth is not easy to be separated due to cleaning, and after the non-woven mask is washed with water, it will destroy the electrostatic dust collection ability, so the non-woven mask can not be cleaned, 1t can not be reused, so it must be discarded after use

non woven masks are widely used in medical and health services, beauty, pharmaceutical, thermal insulation, good scalability, good air permeability, waterproof and water absorption. Especially for some pollutants in the air, these harmful substances can be thoroughly filtered through the filtering effect of non-woven mask, which can ensure everyone’s health. However, the durability or strength of non-woven masks are relatively poor, so non-woven fabrics can not be cleaned and reused in washing. 1n addition, in the process of using non-woven masks, we must be careful. 1ts fibers are arranged in a certain direction, so it is easy to split from the right angle. 1 hope that we can pay attention to these aspects

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