what is antistatic fabric? Classification of Antistatic Fabrics

What is antistatic fabric? Classification of Antistatic Fabrics? Anti static fabric is a kind of fabric processed by anti-static, which is widely used in petroleum industry; Mining and metallurgy industry; Chemical industry; electronics industry; Special industries, such as atomic energy, aerospace, weapons and other industries, such as food, fireworks, medicine and so on< At present, there are two kinds of Antistatic Fabrics: one is conductive heavy cloth, and the other is t / C cloth. T / C cloth antistatic clothing is made of 65 / 35 polyester and cotton, woven with organic conductive fiber, and finished by special process. 1t is comfortable, safe and reliable to wear. 1n the electronic industry, it is easy to wear, 1t can prevent the damage and aging of electronic components caused by static electricity. 1t is paid more attention in the petrochemical industry and can avoid unnecessary combustion, explosion and other hazards the other is conductive silk fabric, which is made of special polyester filament and high-performance permanent anti-static fiber by special process. The electrostatic clothing made of this process fabric by special sewing has excellent anti-static and dust-proof performance, which is favored by the majority of electronic industry. The anti-static clothing has permanent anti-static, low temperature is not affected, the minimum friction voltage can be less than 20V, and it does not produce dust, can effectively kill bacteria and bacteria, and is suitable for different levels of purification room work

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