what is antistatic fabric?

What is antistatic fabric? Anti static fabric is a kind of fabric processed by anti-static, which is widely used in petroleum industry; Mining and metallurgy industry; Chemical industry; electronics industry; Special industries, such as atomic energy, aerospace, weapons and other industries, such as food, fireworks, medicine and so on

organic conductive fiber plays an effective role in the electrostatic elimination of anti-static workwear fabrics and ordinary civil textiles. However, compared with conventional textiles, the electrostatic performance test of textiles containing conductive fiber deteriorates significantly in terms of correctness and importance. Choosing reasonable testing methods and correctly evaluating the electrostatic properties of fabrics containing conductive fibers are the necessary basic work for further studying the processing technology of organic conductive fibers, the production technology of textiles containing conductive fibers and guiding the rational application of such textiles

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