What is compressed oxygen self rescuer and what are its characteristics

Compressed oxygen self rescuer, also known as isolated compressed oxygen self rescuer, is a reusable self rescue and escape equipment with high pressure compressed oxygen as the oxygen source. 1t is mainly used in coal mine or ordinary atmospheric pressure working environment when toxic and harmful gas outburst and anoxic asphyxia disasters occur

compressed oxygen self rescuer is a kind of human respiratory system, which is isolated from the outside world, and can be used by the people in distress to help themselves quickly. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, small volume, comfortable breathing and convenient carrying. According to the protection time, there are several specifications of 15, 30 and 45 minutes

the working principle of compressed oxygen self rescuer is quantitative oxygen supply: turn the hand wheel of the switch anticlockwise, high pressure oxygen flows from the oxygen cylinder to the pressure reducer, and after decompression, 1.2l/min oxygen is automatically output into the air bag

manual air supplement and oxygen supply: press the air supplement plate with your finger, the oxygen enters the air bag at 60L / min, the finger leaves the air supplement plate, and the oxygen supply stops

automatic air supply and oxygen supply: when the respiratory system is under negative pressure, the air supply plate contracts inward, presses the air supply rod to open the oxygen supply mechanism, and oxygen enters the air bag at 60L / min. when the air bag inflates rapidly, the air supply plate leaves the air supply rod, and the air supply stops

when breathing in, oxygen enters the human body from the air bag, breathing valve and mouthpiece. During exhalation, the gas enters the purification tank of compressed oxygen self rescuer through the breathing valve and exhalation hose. The CO2 exhaled by the human body is absorbed by the absorbent in the purification tank, and the remaining oxygen enters the air bag and mixes with the oxygen output from the pressure reducer. So repeatedly complete the human respiratory cycle

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