What is the difference between marine respirator and ordinary respirator?

We have the impression that the breathing apparatus can be used in the fire scene, underground mines and divers. Today, let’s talk about what kind of air respirator is used on the ship

ships, whether they are chemical ships, oil tankers or ordinary transport freighters, must be equipped with some special equipment before they are officially launched, and positive pressure air breathing apparatus is one of them

what kind of respirator is used on board? 1s it a kind of respiratory protective equipment with positive pressure air respirator and ordinary fire fighting equipment

obviously not. The cylinders of self-contained breathing apparatus and self-contained air breathing apparatus for fire fighting are basically made of carbon fiber, which is commonly known as composite cylinders. The cylinders used for marine breathing apparatus are obviously different in material. The cylinders of marine breathing apparatus are made of steel, also known as steel cylinder breathing apparatus. The ship’s equipment needs to have relevant marine certification, such as CCS marine certification, EC certification, or other international marine certification, which may come from the classification society certification of different countries. Marine equipment without CCS certification is generally not allowed to be used on ships

the respiratory system is the most important and vulnerable part of the human body to keep healthy, because the human body can not be short of oxygen supply, and the respiratory system is the carrier of oxygen transmission, so in any case of adverse effects on the respiratory system, we should wear all kinds of respirators to maintain the oxygen supply of the human body and not be damaged by harmful gases

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