What is the difference between nitrile gloves and latex gloves

Gloves are generally divided into simple material and composite material (more than 2 kinds)

1 the simple material is our common medical gloves, which can also be used as our household washing gloves. Generally speaking, the main material is a kind of raw material. Another example is common sweatcloth gloves and leather gloves

2 compound is a kind of latex gloves commonly used by us. 1t is also known as dipping gloves, hanging gloves and gluing gloves. The gloves are made of cloth or yarn, and then soaked in the prepared glue solution for a moment, and then dried into rubber gloves

natural latex and synthetic rubber are commonly used in this kind of glove rubber, among which nitrile rubber is one of the artificial rubber, so nitrile rubber gloves and latex gloves are named according to the material of gloves, and the properties of gloves can be produced according to the properties of the rubber. 1n general, Dingqing gloves are suitable for oil operations, such as gas stations. Latex gloves are characterized by softness, wear resistance and wide range of application. Of course, in terms of the rubber content of gloves, some latex gloves are very hard to wear because they are hard to wear because of the addition of light calcium, which makes the gloves hard and uncomfortable to wear

it can be seen from the above that gloves have their own unique functions. Therefore, there is no complete distinction between the two kinds of gloves, which can only be selected according to their functions. 1n addition, nitrile gloves are artificial rubber, latex gloves are natural rubber, nitrile gloves generally do not cause human allergy, the flexibility is not as good as latex, latex gloves because of protein, some allergic personnel wear will cause allergy

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