What is the difference between outdoor safety shoes and mountaineering shoes?

The difference between outdoor safety shoes and mountaineering shoes is designed by their outdoor projects. Different outdoor equipment has its special function

generally, climbing shoes should be high waisted, because climbing shoes are designed for climbers or walking in rough and muddy road conditions, which can better protect the ankle. The soles of climbing shoes are generally stab resistant and stab resistant, and the middle soles are generally designed as shock reducing materials, so climbing shoes are your best choice in rough and muddy road conditions

safety shoes are generally low waist, because walking shoes are specially designed for walking in better road conditions and walking for a long time, so the sole of safety shoes provides protection for feet, and the effect of perspiration and ventilation is excellent, which is also an important reason why safety shoes can be used as urban leisure wear

when buying outdoor shoes, whether they are mountaineering shoes or safety shoes, they all have the same principle, that is, the toes should be extended to the front end, and a finger wide distance should be left in the heel

tips for online shopping of outdoor safety shoes:

1. When you buy outdoor shoes, you should buy one size larger. This is because the feet will grow a little longer during the sports meeting. Many friends can’t find it when they wear ordinary shoes. When people design outdoor shoes, they consider the shock absorption when they go down the mountain, so the toe of the shoes will not touch the ground. So there is a little change in the feet. They can feel it when they wear outdoor shoes, because the toe of the shoes will touch the toes after the feet swell, And the toe of outdoor shoes have anti kick protection, generally the texture is hard, toe top to toe will feel very painful

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