What is the difference between safety shoes and ordinary shoes?

safety shoes are an indispensable part of labor protection articles, and they are widely used. So compared with ordinary shoes, what are the differences between them

first, from the point of view of the shoes’ manufacturing materials, the differences are as follows: ordinary shoes generally use ordinary materials, such as textile fabric materials, artificial leather, etc., while safety shoes must use good insulation materials, electrostatic materials, leather, high temperature resistant and other special materials. Not to mention the sole, most of the ordinary shoes are ox tendon sole, from the current market point of view, safety shoes are rubber sole or PU sole

Second, from the use of the place, the difference: the vast majority of the use of safety shoes in electroplating workshops, construction sites, large machinery manufacturers and other specific workplaces. And ordinary shoes are basically used for walking, shopping and some office and other public places without greater danger

thirdly, from the perspective of design concept, safety shoes are designed to protect the feet of workers, so the primary factor to be considered in their design is safety. Ordinary shoes are more beautiful, comfortable, fashionable, light and so on, just to meet the needs of consumers

the differences between safety shoes and ordinary shoes are also reflected in the characteristics, application and other related aspects. We should consider the actual situation of operation and work, and choose suitable safety shoes to ensure safety and health

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