What is the Enlightenment of Japan’s manufacturing industry’s going down

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in September, Kobe Steel, Japan’s third largest steel enterprise, was exposed to long-term falsification of quality inspection data. Later, Kobe beef from Kobe Japan was exposed to replace Kobe beef with beef from non Kobe areas

in October, Takata company, the world’s largest air bag manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy protection because of the deterioration of its operation due to the quality problems of air bags< 1n late October, Toshiba, an electronics giant, fell into business difficulties due to financial fraud and had to sell TV, semiconductor and other businesses to survive. After that, major auto manufacturers Nissan and Subaru used unqualified quality inspectors for a long time. A few days ago, Japanese non-ferrous metal giant Mitsubishi 1ntegrated Materials Co., Ltd. admitted that product quality data was fake on November 29, Japanese chemical giant Toray Co., Ltd. exposed a data fraud scandal, and Toray Co., Ltd. president R1 Jue Zhaoguang admitted that its subsidiaries had made fraud on the test data “made in Japan” is hot, but it’s not good news. When China’s manufacturing industry is facing a turning point in history, Japanese manufacturing industry, which even has small household appliances and toilets plundered, has frequent negative news, and the reasons are worth pondering for a period of time, “made in Japan” has been put on a gorgeous coat, which has produced almost religious pursuit all over the world, especially in East Asia. “Made in Japan” is even regarded as the highest level of East Asian manufacturing industry. Even the toilet covers in Japan sell better than others more than that, from rice cookers to private cars, from game boy to computers, Japanese cold medicine and eye drops have been popular again in recent two years. Once upon a time, made in Japan became synonymous with high quality and assurance in our daily life< 1n contrast to the rise of Japan's manufacturing industry, industrial policy, enterprise's manufacturing concept of continuous improvement, continuous innovation efforts and loyal employees with numerous craftsmanship spirit are indispensable. This is also a place worthy of "learning from foreign countries and improving technology" in China's manufacturing industry made in China strives to catch up with the global market and shows its resource advantages Japan is an island country with limited resources. After the changes in the world market, Japan’s manufacturing costs are gradually increasing, and the result of capital chasing profits and monopoly is that it is eliminated by economic globalization; The Japanese media once pointed out: “some people can stay in the same post for 20 years and only do the same thing every day without asking more questions.” Facts have proved that Japan’s manufacturing system tends to be rigid and weak in innovation due to its pursuit of perfection and perfection; Since the rise of China’s manufacturing industry in the 1980s and 1990s, Chinese entrepreneurs have introduced a large number of advanced equipment and technology, which makes “made in China” regain its position after years of “losing contact” with the world level, and has begun to challenge the high cost mode of Japanese manufacturing industry. Fuji, Sony and Matsushita, which once created a myth, are now hard to see. Huawei, ZTE and Great Wall Motors have quietly started the global layout created by China the strength of made in China is crushing the manufacturing power, showing the temperament of a big country whether it is the catch-up of China’s manufacturing industry after the reform and opening up, or the “made in China 2025” in 2015, the strong industrial hard foundation is the backing of the “voice” of made in China in half a century, China, which once needed to import “foreign fire”, has established a complete industrial system. From a screw to the C919 aircraft, we can build our own! The courage of these generations to do one thing has provided the original impetus for the development of the national economy the sales volume of Master Kang and uni president instant noodles dropped sharply. 1t was takeout rather than jinmailang that defeated them the number of black car drivers has gradually decreased in the past two years. 1t is not the strike of taxi drivers that beats them, but the car sharing there is a saying in three bodies, a wonderful science fiction in China: 1 will destroy you, but it has nothing to do with you. This sentence profoundly reveals the cruelty of the general trend, so to put it bluntly, Japan’s manufacturing industry has lost to the times and to itself high speed rail, electric vehicles, it products, clean energy… More and more made in China are replacing the traditional low-end manufacturing industry, becoming the national business card and going to the world in this era of cross-border robbery and rapid change, you can never imagine who your next competitors are, and you can hardly guess which emerging industry has defeated the traditional industry what we can do is to keep our vision wide enough, adhere to craftsmanship spirit and keep innovating

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