What is the impact of Sino US trade war on labor insurance enterprises?

1n the “Sino US trade war” environment, is the impact on labor insurance enterprises positive or negative

as we all know, joint ventures used to account for the majority of China’s export trade, but now they account for about half of China’s export trade. State owned enterprises have their own businesses, some of which must be done by state-owned enterprises. Selling railways and high-speed railways cannot be done by private enterprises. 1t accounts for about ten percent of the total amount of foreign trade. The rest is private enterprises

at the beginning of the “trade war” between China and the United States, who is likely to have a greater impact? According to the current situation, if the more stable the enterprise’s cost structure and product structure are, a large variable is suddenly added to reduce profits by 15% – 25%, which will certainly have the greatest impact on these enterprises. 1f a fortune 500 business owner is doing business in China, he will find that most of his business profits will be reduced by 15% – 25%. 1n any case, he has to explain to the board of directors

, for example, Terry Gou went to the us to open a factory in the first place of trade war, and trump stayed behind. Although there is a “trade war”, there is a “white list” that big enterprises can talk about and join. When Terry Gou came to the United States, Trump and he took a group photo together, and the tax policy was almost finished within a week. At that time, we saw that it was almost “China’s speed”. When we attracted foreign investment in those years, we had the same speed as when we attracted foreign investment in those years

in short, these three types of enterprises may have an impact. Relatively speaking, a big earthquake may have the greatest impact on dinosaurs. But smaller animals need to adapt to the environment, which has the greatest impact. China’s small and medium-sized enterprises have no choice, unlike the top 500, they can move away. 1 am a Chinese private enterprise. Where can 1 go

how to grasp the discourse power of private enterprises in China’s export environment in the future? We should encourage and help them develop. Some can be operated by platforms and some by governments. As long as the government makes the market more prosperous, according to Premier Li Keqiang, there are more things to “release, manage and serve” and let private enterprises release some things. We will increase “deregulation and service” to make the market more active

we can’t predict what will happen in the future now, just look at what will happen in the short term of 18 months. Worldwide, this crisis is different from 2008. 1n the financial crisis of 2008, everyone had no money, went bankrupt, and the bank leverage was gone. As a result, everyone tightened their belts, and the demand side began to shrink. American buyers are out of money, consumers are out of money

the current situation is that the GDP of the United States is rising. 1n terms of large inquiries from cross-border platforms and the volume of demand, the demand side has not decreased. Based on the United States, the United States is a hollow country. 1n the past few decades, mass production and factories have been put overseas, and it is unlikely that the hollow will suddenly become solid. Does the demand side itself not decline, or is it growing continuously? Who can meet this demand on a global scale? With China’s development in the past decade or so, it has been relatively strong on the manufacturing side, and the status of “world factory” has collapsed in one day. 1t is also a challenge for others to have all our production capacity

the businessmen on both sides of the “trade war” still want to do business. The United States has this demand, and China has this ability. The cost between the two sides is only higher on the original basis. How can we work together to solve these problems. These small and medium-sized enterprises, which used to earn only one or two cents, have very little profit. They do not have any intellectual property rights and design capabilities. They are sure that their profits will be further squeezed. Many labor insurance enterprises with manufacturing capacity, intellectual property rights and design capacity will stand out in this environment

as mentioned above, general trade accounts for 98% of cross-border trade, which is the main body at present. For any enterprise, the demand of the United States has not decreased. 1t is very good for our national industrial structure to meet its demand. The business between the two will certainly continue. The government’s step-by-step tax increase has some influence on the main body of trade, but it will not let trade cut off directly, which is not in line with the current basic business logic of trade< One belt, one road for the emerging countries, especially China, should be laid ahead in advance. First of all, br/>
must understand its own ability, understand the commodity characteristics and the service capabilities needed in the industrial structure and the commodity structure in the opposite countries. At the same time, we need to carry out the layout there. We need to have a warehouse distribution system in the local area. A commodity needs after-sales service there, and there is at least one reverse process in the local area that can meet it

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