What is the principle of cut-resistant gloves? What are their uses?

What is the principle of cut-resistant gloves? What is its use?
One type of cut-resistant gloves is made of ultra-high-strength fiber and stainless steel wire, and the other is made of high-strength polyethylene wrapped stainless steel wire, so users wear it Cut-resistant gloves can hold the blade without being scratched.

1. The performance of cut-resistant gloves
1. Cut-resistant, stab-resistant, non-slip, and wear-resistant;
2. It has super cut-resistant, wear-resistant and stab-resistant performance;
3. It can effectively protect human hands from being cut by sharp edges such as knives;
4. Excellent anti-skid performance can protect objects from falling when grabbing.

2. Use of cut-resistant gloves
1. Wear cut-resistant gloves, which can hold the blades of sharp tools such as daggers and bayonets. Even if the knife is pulled out of the hand, the gloves will not be cut. , And will not hurt the hands. It is necessary equipment for public security, armed police, security and other industries to defend their lives and make achievements.
2. Taxi drivers are also one of the high-risk occupations. Once they encounter a robbery, there is a possibility of car loss. The anti-cutting gloves are equipped to make the driver friends have the confidence to subdue the gangsters in an emergency, and they can not only protect themselves but also subdue the gangsters by surprise.
3. Cut-resistant gloves are also necessary for self-defense for employees in clothing processing, meat joint factories and machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, construction, glass, sheet processing and other industries. They are petrochemical, smelting and mining, meat cutting, metal processing, Labor protection products for disaster relief and rescue industries.

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