what is the standard of medical protective clothing

First of all, non-woven fabrics are divided into 1: ordinary PP non-woven fabrics, 2: SMS non-woven fabrics. 3: Laminating non-woven fabric, 4: breathable film non-woven fabric, the thickness is measured by the weight per square meter, the weight is in grams, such as: 45g / square meter, 50g / square meter, the greater the number of grams, the thicker the non-woven fabric

standard of medical protective clothing

surface moisture resistance

the outer water level of protective clothing shall not be lower than the requirement of grade 3 in GB / T 4745-1997

breaking strength

the breaking strength of protective clothing sample should not be less than 45N

elongation at break

the elongation at break of protective clothing sample is not less than 30%

filtration efficiency

the filtration efficiency of protective clothing for non oily particles shall not be less than 70%

flame retardant performance

the protective clothing with flame retardant performance shall meet the requirements of class B2 in GB 17591-1998

antistatic property

the charged amount of protective clothing should not be greater than 0.6uc

skin irritation

the material of protective clothing should have no skin irritation reaction

microbiological index

the protective clothing should meet the requirements of microbiological index in GB 15979-2002, as shown in table 1. The protective clothing marked with “sterilized” or “sterile” or illustrated on the package shall be sterile

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