What is the standard of safety shoes?

First: shoe type, that is, the length and width of the shoe, whether the width and tightness of the shoe body can be perfectly matched with the foot

the second is whether the softness of the vamp, that is, the leather material, can be natural and fit when walking

thirdly, whether the shoe bond, that is, whether the whole shoe bond can stick to the foot without striking the foot, be loose without taking off, and be elastic

Fourth: whether the inner cushion has the correct structure of vibration support function, sweat absorption function, massage function and health care function

fifthly, whether the materials with ventilation function, waterproof function, heat preservation function and environmental protection function have been selected correctly

sixthly, if the sole is selected according to the regional characteristics and different degrees of anti-skid requirements in various environments (for example, in a good environment, the relatively anti-skid and lightweight sole is used, and its vibration aid function is outstanding)

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