What is work clothes and how to purchase work clothes correctly?

What is work clothes? How do I purchase work clothes?

Work clothes refer to the clothes worn at work, which are usually uniformly dressed clothes issued by factories or companies. With the development of the industry, more and more companies have to use work clothes, so how to choose the right work clothes has become an issue that cannot be ignored.
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How to choose work clothes?

1. Workers or laboratory technicians engaged in chemical production will often work in workshops or laboratories containing corrosive substances. In addition to wearing thick tights In addition to anticorrosive sleeves, rubber long-tube gloves and rubber long-tube overshoes should also be worn. Rubber apron. If necessary, wear rubber overalls with a helmet and isolated from the outside world.

2. When agricultural production workers conduct outdoor work, they need work clothes made of black coarse cloth or khaki. Forest workers should wear three-tight overalls (three-tight: neckline, cuffs, ankles) to prevent pests.

3. Cooks and food workers wear white work clothes with buckles on the back. The work clothes should be longer than the knees, the cuffs should be fastened, and hats and masks should be worn, mainly to enhance cleanliness and prevent food Be contaminated.

4. Mechanic workers often go between machines. They need to avoid clothes being tangled by machines, and they need to be resistant to friction. Therefore, work clothes are tight-fitting, and the hem, cuffs, and trouser legs can all be buttoned up. The fabric is required to be strong and wear-resistant, and the color should be darker.

5. When working in a high temperature environment, the amount of heat radiation is large, and the work clothes should be white or light-colored, and the fabric should be thick and soft. Moreover, work sweats a lot under high temperature. Some colleagues like to be shirtless on the upper body. This is not recommended. Because of the high temperature, it is very easy to burn the skin due to thermal radiation. Therefore, Xiaohui recommends wearing thicker long-sleeved clothes and long trousers, and you must wear gloves, face masks, foot guards, etc.

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