what kind of dust mask is good for coal mine? GB answers for you

Anti dust masks are very dense in coal mines because of their high dust environment. The dust incidence rate of coal dust pneumoconiosis is high because of the high leakage rate. What kind of dust mask is good for coal mine? 1t is understood that in China, dust masks belong to special labor protection articles, and the production of dust masks must comply with the national standard gb2626-2006 respiratory protection articles self breathing anti particulate respirator

what kind of dust mask is good for coal mine? First of all, choose the dust mask with high dust-proof efficiency. According to the national standard, dust masks are divided into kn and KP. Kn represents non oily particles (suitable for protecting coal dust), while KP represents oily and non oily particles. Kn class is divided into Kn90, kn95, kn100 three levels, generally speaking, the higher the level, the better the protection efficiency. Among them, kn100 dust mask can protect non oily particles such as dust, smoke, fog and microorganism above 0.075 micron, and the protection effect can reach more than 99.97%. Visible kn100 dust mask for the prevention of pneumoconiosis or more reassuring

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