what kind of experience is it like to wear insulating clothes and ride on the truck?

A few days ago, a group of people gathered on a street in the West 1ndustrial District of Luoyang, including representatives of citizens, members of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, media reporters… What are they looking at? Xiaobian inquired and learned that it was Luoyang power supply company that organized people from all walks of life to observe the live connection of high-voltage equipment to the power grid, so as to give citizens a chance to try on insulating clothing and get close contact with live equipment

at the scene, the members of the live line group quickly and neatly carried out live line lighting operation, and the people nearby looked and asked curiously, “is there any electricity in the line above? When you are working, why does the company next to you still have electricity? “” Because what we are doing is the operation of distribution network without power cut, so as to avoid the inconvenience caused by power cut to our people’s daily life and improve the continuous and reliable power supply. ” Yu Liping, deputy director of the power distribution inspection room, explained. The onlookers praised the uninterrupted operation of the distribution network

Shi Lihong, member of the CPPCC Committee of Xigong District, came to the scene with great interest after hearing that she could still experience it personally today. When the work was over, she couldn’t wait to put on the insulating clothes with the help of electrified personnel and boarded the insulating bucket arm car. Accompanied by the members of the live class, she slowly rose to mid air with the truck. She was so excited to feel the live wire close up that she called her friends to take pictures of her in the air. All the onlookers were infected by her and actively signed up to participate in the activity. They all wanted to experience the aerial work of a live arm car

after getting out of the car, Shi Lihong couldn’t help but sigh: “this insulating clothing doesn’t feel hot. 1t’s really stuffy and hot when 1 put it on. 1t’s only a few minutes since my clothes are all wet! Originally, 1 thought this kind of high-altitude operation without power cut was dangerous and mysterious. Now 1 feel that as long as the operation is strictly in accordance with the regulations, it is still quite safe and reliable! ” Shi Lihong wiped the sweat on her head and said: “it’s only April. 1 really don’t know how your electric workers insist on working outdoors in dog days. 1 really appreciate the efforts of the front-line employees of the electric power enterprises to protect the civil power!”

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