What kind of gas mask should 1 wear in confined space

we often receive some questions from customers on the 1nternet, such as what kind of gas mask to wear in confined space. The confined space mentioned here is not a completely closed working environment, but is isolated from the outside world, with limited import airborne and poor ventilation effect, such as tank cars, fireplaces, sewer pipes, abandoned septic tanks or cellars

confined space generally leaves limited space for operators, and the oxygen content in the air is low, especially in cellars or sewers, abandoned septic tanks, etc., there will be some toxic and harmful gases in them, which will bring harm to the respiratory system or skin once they enter rashly. So, in this special environment, what kind of gas mask should we wear? Are all gas masks suitable for use in confined spaces

general gas masks can be roughly divided into self-priming and filtering gas masks and isolated gas masks. The biggest difference between the two kinds of gas masks is that the former (self-priming and filtering gas masks) uses the breathing pressure of the human body to filter the external toxic substances through the filter box of the gas mask to breathe clean oxygen, However, the premise must be that the oxygen content in the working environment is sufficient, and the filter box worn by the gas mask can effectively protect the toxic substances in the environment; The latter (isolated gas mask) has much better protection performance than the former. 1t is generally supplied by its own gas source, and the pressure of the gas source is directly supplied to the user for breathing, so its use is not affected by the two factors of whether the external oxygen content is sufficient or not and the composition of toxic substances. So for similar confined space, it is best to use the isolated gas mask operation, which greatly improves the safety factor

it is suggested that the isolated gas mask should be used in the confined space, but then someone will ask, which one is more economical? 1ndeed, there are many types of isolated gas masks, such as self-priming long tube respirator, electric air supply long tube respirator and air respirator. The performance of these three kinds of gas masks are also quite different. Of course, the price of gas masks also varies greatly. From the type of products, air respirator is more expensive, followed by electric ventilation. The cheapest number of self-priming long tube respirators

let’s not discuss the price difference between them for the moment. Let’s first understand the relationship and principle of the three. The self-priming long pipe respirator and the electric air supply long pipe respirator belong to the related category. Both of them have a long pipe connected to the gas source and the gas mask worn by the operator. The difference is that the self-priming long pipe respirator requires the user to breathe by himself. 1f the gas source is far away from the working position, it is more difficult to breathe; The electric air supply long pipe respirator uses the electric motor to send the clean air source to the breathing gas mask. The air respirator is more convenient than the long tube respirator. The air supply source is directly compressed and stored in the gas cylinder, which is convenient for the user to carry. However, the capacity of the gas cylinder is limited, so the gas cylinder must be replaced before the gas source is used up

therefore, the specific use of isolated gas masks in confined space needs to be defined in combination with the place of use. 1f the space is only for one person and it is close to clean gas source, such as sewer or tank car, Xiaobian suggests long pipe respirator. However, if the space is large and the operation time is not enough, air respirator can be selected

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