What kind of gloves do workers need

Hand plays an important role in the process of production. Because of these hands, we can engage in all kinds of labor, and there will be a saying that “hands create the world”. However, the arm is also very vulnerable to injury, electric shock, acid-base corrosion, mechanical injury, etc. may cause injury to the arm, serious may lead to disability or even death. How to avoid workers’ arm injury in labor, arm protective equipment will be put to use. 1t is understood that arm injuries are more common in the production process, accounting for about 25% of the total number of industrial injury accidents. The more common arm injuries in the production process include: fire and high temperature, electricity, chemicals, impact, cutting, abrasion and infection, among which mechanical injuries are more common, namely impact, cutting and so on. However, the consequences of electrical injury and radiation injury are more serious, and some may lead to death

the lack of arm protective equipment caused casualties

at the beginning of September, four workers in Nanning, Guangxi, were replacing the external wall advertising drawings on an 8-meter-high iron platform when three people were suddenly shocked and one of them was stunned. According to the analysis, the reason for the electric shock to the workers is likely to be the leakage of the iron sheet on the advertisement signboard. Another man avoided being electrified because he was wearing insulating gloves

on Septembe5, an air conditioner worker in Jinan, Shandong Province, was accidentally electrified during the installation of air conditioner. After rescue, he died. His worker said that it might be the exposure of a wiring head at that time that caused electric leakage. Rescue workers said they did not see the worker wearing any protective equipment

on the morning of September 6, when a worker in a factory in Yantai City, Shandong Province was applying lubricating oil to the turbine, his gloves were suddenly rolled into the gear, causing the worker’s right hand to be squeezed by the gear. Fortunately, the worker immediately pulled off the switch and pulled out the worker’s hand. At the same time, he found ice to wrap the broken finger and rushed to the hospital to receive the bone

the above three examples are all accidents happened around us, and such accidents are not uncommon. 1f the staff can not wear hand protective equipment according to the regulations, or wear nonstandard, it may lead to casualties

a variety of products protect the arm

arm protection generally refers to the protection of the opponent and the arm. Protective gloves are mainly used for hand protection. 1n order to protect the hands below the elbow (mainly below the wrist) from injury, there are about ten kinds of gloves, including live working insulating gloves, acid and alkali resistant gloves, welder gloves, rubber oil resistant gloves, waterproof gloves, anti-virus gloves, anti-static gloves, anti cutting gloves, etc

for arm protection, protective sleeves are used to avoid forearm or whole arm injury, including radiation heat sleeves and acid-base sleeves

there are so many kinds of arm protection articles, can our workers correctly understand their use and wear them reasonably

workers: wearing gloves is for their own good

in order to understand the views of workers in various industries on gloves, the reporter interviewed grass-roots workers on this issue

SHEN Jiansheng from Anhui No.2 Power Construction Company introduced the general situation of his company to the reporter. 1n the power construction industry, the types of work involved are mostly welders, electricians and construction workers. Welders use special gloves, leather, white, mainly to prevent burns; There are two kinds of insulating gloves for live working, one is low-voltage gloves, mainly for the voltage of 220 V and 380 V, and the other is high-voltage gloves, mainly for the voltage of more than 10000 v; The rest of the construction workers use cotton gloves and cloth gloves, which are mainly used to protect their hands when carrying angle iron channel steel and construction to avoid extrusion and scratch. The replacement of gloves depends on the needs of the type of work and the degree of wear of gloves. Generally, the gloves of welders can be used for 1 to 2 years. Due to severe wear, construction workers have two pairs of gauze gloves to replace in a month, while cloth gloves can be used for one winter or two months

MA Yanning, from Ningxia Daba Power Generation Co., Ltd. She said that their company belongs to the thermal power plant and is mainly engaged in steam turbine, boiler and thermal engineering. Therefore, the gloves they choose are mainly for the consideration of insulation and anti oil pollution. Generally, they are yellow rubber gloves, which are widely used in electrical and boiler fields. There are also canvas gloves, thread gloves and leather gloves< Xue Jun, an employee of Sichuan Panzhihua Steel City enterprise head office, said that the whole Panzhihua Steel Company has lathe workers, fitters, welders, riveters and so on. Different gloves are used according to different types of work. Steel making, ironmaking and other heavy physical work using palm gloves, only separated thumb and four fingers, made of at least three layers of canvas, has good heat resistance. 1n addition, there are five finger gloves, more convenient and flexible Zhan Qingwu of Anhui Anqing Petrochemical asset management company told reporters that because it is a petrochemical industry, the company mainly uses thread gloves, cloth gloves and cloth gloves. The main purpose is to prevent scald and oil pollution. When it comes to the use of precision instruments, it is necessary to wear gloves to protect precision instruments also from the petrochemical industry is Yin Qihao, Secretary of the general manager’s office of Qilu Branch of Sinopec. He said that most of the gloves used by petrochemical companies are thread gloves and leather gloves, mainly for the purpose of anti-corrosion, high temperature and scald. At the same time, he also mentioned a kind of latex gloves, that is, gloves to be worn when doing sampling and analysis work in the laboratory of petrochemical enterprises. The cuffs are relatively long, all the way to the elbow, which mainly play the role of anti-corrosion and acid and alkali resistance. He said that the gloves of the company’s operators are distributed monthly according to the regulations. At the just held workers’ Congress, some workers proposed to increase the number of labor protection articles (including gloves) distributed to grass-roots operators during the interview, the reporter found that different types of work use different gloves, and most enterprises can issue gloves according to the regulations. And workers can also wear gloves according to regulations, because wearing gloves has little impact on labor efficiency, and can avoid oil pollution, corrosion, mechanical injury, etc. workers generally realize the benefits of wearing gloves fine is the most common way of punishment arm protection is so important, but some workers still do not realize their importance. Hand protection is less important than head protection, which can cause fatal injuries. According to the data, some workers are not able to use hand protective equipment correctly, especially in some small enterprises and workshops. Reporters in some electrical welding repair points found that many workers lack the necessary protective measures and protection consciousness when live working, did not wear protective gloves, also said: “it doesn’t matter, electricity.” this situation is much better in large enterprises. Shen Jiansheng said that in general, the use of gloves by welders is the best and most standardized, because it is dangerous when welding. He further explained that in Anhui power construction company, there are very detailed and clear regulations on what kind of work and what kind of gloves to use. 1f they don’t wear gloves according to the regulations, they will be fined 200 yuan Zhan Qingwu of Anqing Petrochemical asset management company also said that their gloves are purchased by the safety and environmental protection department. Wearing gloves is a part of labor protection clothing. 1f you don’t wear gloves according to the regulations, you will be punished according to the economic responsibility system, and the monthly bonus will be deducted wearing gloves is a great knowledge gloves can protect the life safety of workers Xue Jun told the reporter about such a case: on May 31, 2005, Zhou, a member of the No.2 rolling branch of cold bending section steel plant of Panzhihua 1ron and Steel Co., Ltd., visited the production line and found that the high frequency output copper plate beside the welding transformer of the unit was in contact with the insulating tube of the cooling water rubber tube, and there was burning phenomenon. He subconsciously extended his left hand to move the insulating sleeve, only to find that he had not touched it, He was injured by the discharge of high-frequency output copper plate, resulting in electric injury to his left hand and right foot. 1f he had a stronger sense of safety at that time and put on insulating gloves to operate, this safety accident would not have happened< However, gloves can sometimes bring harm to employees. For example, Shen Jiansheng said: construction workers are strictly forbidden to use gauze gloves when drilling angle iron with aircraft drill, pistol drill, etc. This is because the angle iron and iron scraps drilled out during drilling need to be removed constantly. 1f the workers used gauze gloves at that time, the fluffy cotton yarn on the gloves would be easily twisted into the drilling hole by the drill bit, so that the drill bit would hurt their hands. Such things have happened before, and they are not uncommon. So Shen Jiansheng said that he could not wear gloves when cleaning up scrap iron however, he added: “because it is very cold in winter, and there is a lot of oil and rust on the angle iron, many workers violate the regulations and wear gauze gloves to work.” “1f there are suitable gloves to replace gauze gloves, such accidents will be effectively avoided,” Shen said. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no suitable glove to use in this kind of workplace employees need more humanized gloves in the interview, the reporter learned that at present, employees generally can wear gloves in a standardized way, but there are also some labor occasions without suitable gloves to choose from. According to the reporter, in foreign countries, the classification of gloves is very detailed, what kind of occasion to use what kind of gloves are very clear. China is also following up, but it will take some time there are nearly 200 pieces of information about the standards and test methods related to gloves on the standards website of the industry department of the national development and Reform Commission. How to better protect the safety of workers with small gloves is a big learning. According to the process of China’s personal protective equipment standard system, it is in the stage of revising and formulating the standard. We have reason to believe that there will be more and better gloves for employees to choose to use in the future classification of gloves insulating gloves for live working refers to a kind of insulating gloves worn by operators on their hands when conducting live working on electrical equipment with AC voltage of 10kV or below (or DC electrical equipment with corresponding voltage level). The product model, external dimension and technical requirements shall comply with the general technical conditions for insulating gloves for live working gloves must have good electrical insulation characteristics. At the same time, it also needs good tensile strength, elongation at break, puncture resistance, aging resistance, fire resistance and low temperature resistance acid and alkali resistant gloves are protective products to prevent acid and alkali damage to hands, and their quality should meet the requirements of acid and alkali resistant gloves. The gloves are not allowed to be frosted, brittle, sticky and damaged. The non leakage of gloves means that they must be air tight and no air leakage is allowed under specific pressure according to the material, the gloves can be divided into rubber acid and alkali resistant gloves, latex acid and alkali resistant gloves, plastic acid and alkali resistant gloves, plastic acid and alkali resistant gloves, etc waterproof gloves and anti-virus gloves can be replaced by acid and alkali resistant gloves oil resistant gloves these products are made of nitrile rubber, chloroprene or polyurethane to protect the hand skin from various skin diseases caused by the stimulation of oil substances, such as acute dermatitis, acne, folliculitis, dry skin, chapped skin and pigmentation

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