What kind of spark does the strong and strong join hands to enlarge Zhaohua nancheng.com and Jingdong cloud create?

“The MRO industry has a huge space and is developing rapidly, which has always been our favorite. Setting foot in the MRO industry can give full play to the advantages of our supply chain management and enable enterprises to purchase. ” Mr. Fan Xiaojun, deputy general manager of South China city network, said in an interview with the media at the 2018 South China city network industrial products MRO mall brand conference

on March 15, the MRO Mall for industrial products jointly built by South China city net and JD cloud was officially released. This is the first stage result of sincere cooperation between the two sides. The two sides should unite with each other, give full play to their advantages in resources, and actively explore strategies for cross-border integration. Mr. Fan Xiaojun said that the MRO Mall for industrial products came into being, integrating the advantages of South China city’s professional wholesale market in the national regional layout with the advantages of Jingdong cloud’s innovative technology, occupying the “favorable time, place and people”. From the perspective of both parties, the biggest driving force is the technology enabled supply chain, which integrates technology into more business scenarios, provides users with more humanized intelligent purchasing experience, and promotes the rapid improvement of industrial efficiency

as a wholly-owned subsidiary of South China city group, South China city network has made rapid progress in the field of industrial 1nternet in 2017. The one-stop MRO purchasing platform for industrial products effectively integrates online technologies such as “big data” and “artificial intelligence”. 1t integrates service features such as intelligent centralized purchasing, sunshine purchasing, intelligent management and secure trading, 1t not only effectively solves the problem of duplication and inefficiency of traditional offline procurement, but also ensures the efficient and smooth transaction of MRO industrial chain of industrial products. For JD cloud, 2017 is also a milestone year. As a technology driven enterprise of JD, it continuously outputs its own innovative technologies in cloud computing, big data, intelligent hardware, e-commerce and other fields. Such a strong background of “marriage” is highly expected by the industry. The market potential of MRO Mall for industrial products of South China city network can not be underestimated< Mr. Song Chuan, executive director and CEO of South China city group, said at the brand conference that as an important part of the B2B strategic cooperation between South China city and Jingdong, South China City MRO mall is of great significance and value to the strategic cooperation between the two sides. Mr. Song Chuan said that as a successful example of strategic cooperation, MRO Mall for industrial products will copy this model to other industries when the time is ripe in the future. He hopes to have more active and beneficial exploration with Jingdong group in logistics, finance, commerce and other fields< Mr. Shen Yuanqing, President of JD cloud business unit, also mentioned at the meeting that with the further deepening of cooperation between the two sides, we will consider copying in textile, mechanical and electrical industries, and will conduct in-depth practice and active exploration on the collaborative development of B2B related fields. Obviously, the signals conveyed from the brand press conference coincide and reach a consensus. Both sides hope to reach deeper, broader and more innovative cooperation in the future development, and build a new comprehensive business ecosystem of integration, sharing and value creation, so as to benefit enterprises in more fields. This has important and far-reaching significance for enterprises and industries the release of MRO Mall for industrial products of South China city network is a successful start. As the core driving force of a new round of industrial change, we look forward to the cooperation between South China city network and JD cloud to bring more surprises to the industry

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