what occupational hazards may the hardware industry face?

1. Chemical hazards

the toxicants in hardware industry mainly include fluoride, lead, arsenic, cadmium and other toxic metals

smelting and purifying some metals may have special hazards. For example, carbonyl in nickel purification, fluoride in aluminum smelting, arsenic in copper and aluminum smelting, mercury and cyanide in gold purification can enter human body through skin, respiratory tract and food. The degree of harm is also related to the difference of individual constitution, the length of exposure time and the toxicity of chemicals. Cadmium, which is commonly used in battery and ceramic industry, has obvious toxic effects on blood, bone, liver and reproductive system. 1t can also cause tumors and canceration in various parts of the body, so special protective measures are needed

personal protective equipment recommendation: gas mask or mask, air respirator, etc

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