what protective equipment is necessary for welders?

1. safety requirements of protective articles for eyes and head

(1) to prevent welding arc and spark scald, the shading lenses that meet the working conditions should be selected according to the requirements of gb3609.1 welding goggles and masks< (2) there are two kinds of masks for welders: hand-held and head mounted. The shell of the mask and helmet should be made of flame-retardant or non combustible insulating materials without skin irritation. The mask should cover the face and ears, and the structure should be firm without light leakage (3) the head mask is used for all kinds of arc welding or climbing welding operations, and its weight should not exceed 560g< (4) auxiliary welders should wear masks and protective glasses suitable for shading performance according to working conditions (5) for gas welding and gas cutting, the corresponding type of protective glasses should be selected according to the thickness of the welding and cutting workpiece plate< (6) for the preparation of welding and cutting and cleaning work, such as grinding the welding joint and removing the welding slag, slag proof glasses with lenses that are not easy to break into pieces should be used< (1) welder's work clothes should be selected according to the characteristics of welding and cutting work (2) cotton canvas overalls are widely used in general welding and cutting work, and the color of overalls is white (3) when there is ozone and other gases in gas shielded arc welding under the action of ultraviolet light, the work clothes made of coarse wool or leather should be selected to prevent the welder from being scalded or temperature rising during operation< (4) all position welders should wear leather work clothes (5) in overhead welding, in order to prevent sparks and slag from splashing down on the head and shoulders, the welder should wear a towel around the neck, shoulder protectors, long sleeve covers, aprons and shoe covers made of flame-proof materials (6) the work clothes worn by welders should not be wet, the pockets of the work clothes should be covered with bags, the upper body should cover the waist, the length of trousers should cover the vamp, the work clothes should not be damaged, holes and gaps, and should not be stained with oil and grease (7) the work clothes for welding and cutting operations can not be made of general synthetic fiber fabrics< (1) welding gloves should be made of wear-resistant, radiation resistant leather or cotton canvas and leather composite materials, and the length should not be less than 300 mm. They should be sewn firmly, and welders should not wear damaged and wet gloves (2) when the welder works in the welding place which may conduct electricity, the gloves should be made of insulating material (or additional insulating layer) and can only be used after passing the withstand voltage 5000v test< (1) welder protective shoes should have the properties of insulation, heat resistance, nonflammability, wear resistance and antiskid (2) the rubber soles of protective shoes worn by welders should pass the 5000v withstand voltage test. For example, when welding in flammable and explosive situations, the soles should not have spikes to avoid friction sparks (3) when welding and cutting on the ground with water, the welder should wear waterproof rubber shoes that have passed the voltage withstand test of 6000V< (1) due to arc radiation, slag splashing, affecting the surrounding vision, arc protection room or screen should be set up in the welding and cutting workplace. The screen should be made of non combustible materials, its surface should be painted with black or dark gray paint, the height should not be less than 1.8m, and there should be 25cm air gap in the lower part (2) the safety belt used by the welder when climbing or welding in the place where may fall should meet the requirements of gb720 and gb721 “safety belt”, and the hook of the safety rope on the safety belt should be hung firmly (3) the safety helmet used by welder shall meet the requirements of gb2811 safety helmet< (4) tool bags and buckets used by welders should be intact without holes, and tools commonly used by welders, such as hand hammer, slag shovel and wire brush, should be firmly connected< (5) YQ or yqw rubber sheathed insulated cable shall be used for the power line of mobile lighting lamps used by welders. The wire shall be intact without damage and the lamp switch shall be free of leakage. The voltage shall be determined according to the site conditions or 12V safety voltage shall be used. The lamp bulb shall be protected by metal mesh cover

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