what’s the difference between disposable medical protective clothing and medical isolation clothing

The medical isolation suit can be used repeatedly to save the cost. The structure of protective clothing has the characteristics of anti penetration function, good strength, high hydrostatic pressure resistance. 1t should be mainly used in industrial, electronic, medical, chemical, bacterial infection and other environments. 1n addition to meeting the wearing requirements of high strength and high wear resistance, it often has differences due to different protection purposes and principles, such as cotton, wool, silk, lead, rubber, plastic, resin, etc Synthetic materials, such as synthetic fibers, to the contemporary new functional materials and composites, such as: impact resistant para aromatic polyamide and high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber products, oil repellent fluorine-containing compounds, anti-static aggregation of acrylic fiber, copper fiber complex, and fabrics with relevant odor proofing finish

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