what’s the difference between safety shoes and ordinary shoes

When it comes to labor protection articles, many people first think of safety helmets, safety belts, masks, gloves and other articles. Safety shoes and safety boots used to protect feet and legs are often ignored. 1n fact, when operators use tools, operate machines and carry materials, their feet will touch heavy, hard and angular objects at any time, so that they will be injured by smashing, stabbing or squeezing. 1f their feet do not stand firmly, their bodies will lose their balance and change their normal working posture, thus causing accidents; Laboratory technicians sometimes contact with chemical reagents, but also need to wear some special labor shoes, so the safety equipment to protect the feet is very important. So what are the differences between safety shoes and ordinary shoes

first, from the perspective of manufacturing materials, ordinary shoes generally use ordinary materials, such as textile fabric materials, artificial leather, etc., while safety shoes must use better quality insulating materials, such as antistatic materials, high temperature resistant and other special materials. Not to mention the sole, ordinary shoes are generally ox tendon bottom, from the current market point of view, safety shoes are rubber or PU bottom

Second, from the perspective of the place of use: the vast majority of safety shoes are used in electroplating workshops, construction sites, laboratories, large machinery manufacturers and other special workplaces, but ordinary shoes are basically used for walking, shopping, and some office and other public places without greater danger

thirdly, from the perspective of design concept, safety shoes are mainly used to protect the foot safety of operators, so the primary factor to be considered in the design is safety, while ordinary shoes mainly consider such functions as beauty, comfort, fashion and portability, just to meet the needs of consumers. The differences between safety shoes and ordinary shoes are also shown in the characteristics, application and other related aspects

therefore, we can’t use ordinary shoes as safety shoes at work. We should consider the actual situation of operation and working environment, and choose safety shoes of suitable size to ensure the safety and health of employees and ourselves

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