what’s the effect of color changing glasses?

The chemical composition of the part of the color changing lens is similar to that of the ordinary lens. The difference is that the color changing lens is added with silver halide or photosensitive organic matter. Silver plated lens is composed of photosensitive silver halide particles, a small amount of copper oxide and common lens glass materials. When silver halide meets the sunlight, it will have a reversible photochromic reaction. Silver halide can absorb all the ultraviolet light in the sunlight, and then the following reaction occurs. Under the catalysis of ultraviolet light: agx2ag + X2 (x is halogen element, including fluorine F, chlorine Cl, bromine BR 1odine 1) because silver atoms can absorb visible light, the lens turns dark gray. When the lens is in the weak light state, under the catalysis of copper oxide, the following chemical reaction occurs: Ag + x2agx2, so the lens becomes colorless again

however, because the glass lens is arc-shaped, it is often thin in the middle and thick around, and silver halide is evenly distributed, the color of the relatively thick part is deeper, and the color change is not uniform, which is harmful to the beauty of the lens. The resin color changing lens is directly coated with a layer of color changing material on the surface of the ordinary resin lens, and evenly penetrates into the surface of the lens when processing, so that it changes color evenly under the sunlight. This kind of color changing glasses has many colors, such as Tan, pink, etc., which depends on the selection of photosensitive materials

the main function of color changing glasses is to absorb ultraviolet light, so as to protect eyesight. The damage of ultraviolet rays to human eyes is omni-directional, which can lead to conjunctival hyperplasia, corneal protein and lipid oxidation and damage, lens cortical cataract, etc. it is also easy to cause keratitis and macular lesions. Nowadays, the ozone layer in the upper air is getting thinner and thinner, and the content of ultraviolet light in the sunlight is rising, which is much more harmful to human eyes than before. Therefore, color changing glasses can reduce the damage to the eyes

in addition to the function of filtering ultraviolet light, color changing glasses can also be used as sunglasses (the color becomes darker in the sun). Especially in the case of dazzling light, ordinary glasses can only squint and can’t directly look at the hot sun. Even so, eyes are prone to dryness and fatigue, which also leads to long-term small pupil and disorder of refractive system, 1t has a great influence on vision

of course, wearing color changing glasses indoors is no different from ordinary glasses, because the content of ultraviolet light emitted by ordinary indoor lamps can be ignored. Therefore, in snow walking, hot sun, driving and other environments, no matter whether the glasses are short-sighted or not, wearing a pair of color changing glasses can always protect your eyes

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