What’s the trend of cycling?

Since the second half of 2013, haze has prevailed. People with masks and even gas masks can be seen everywhere on the streets of major cities. People are also in a hurry. Slow life and slow pace shopping seems to have disappeared. 1t’s sunny at the weekend, and you can see cyclists strolling around the park everywhere. However, in the week, a couple of rainy days and haze days make the city’s green public bicycles seem to be a landscape

in the memory of my parents, China is a “bicycle power”” Do you remember Jiefang bicycle? 1n many cities of that meeting, there was a huge flow of bicycles during commuting time. However, with the expansion of urban space, the acceleration of the pace of work, the broadening of the scope of activities, and the improvement of living standards, it is neither practical nor fashionable to ride a bicycle to and from work and travel. But 1 believe that many people still have a “bicycle complex” in their heart and long for the life attitude behind “bicycle”

in the industrial age, social life is progressing and developing, so that we are trying to control the “haze” brought by progress. Haze, let us shorten the outdoor time, and even began to hate the current environment. 1n the warm spring, Xiaobian interviewed “why don’t you ride a bicycle” everywhere. There are no more than two kinds of people who don’t ride a bicycle. First, there is no car, saying “no”; Second, there is a car not to ride, said “do not want.”. Objective factors include insecurity, parking difficulties and poor air quality. But that should not be the reason. 1s the air quality better in a closed car space

instead of walking on the street in a hurry with masks and gas masks, it’s better to “make our bicycles popular” and take the first step of green and healthy travel

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