What should be put in the first aid kit?

According to the website of the Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, family first aid kits can help themselves in time when a disaster breaks out. According to the situation in China, first aid kits can be divided into five categories

the first category is emergency medicine. For external use, alcohol, iodophor, Yunnan Baiyao, eye drops and band aids can be prepared for timely treatment of trauma. Oral medicine can prepare common cold medicine, stomach medicine, antidiarrheal medicine and other common drugs. Also should prepare some painkillers and antiallergic drugs. 1n addition, the patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes should take the relevant prescription drugs. 1t is suggested to prepare Rendan, shidishui and Huoxiang Zhengqi in summer

the second category is first aid articles. Such as alcohol disinfection tablets, bandages, gauze, scissors, medical adhesive tape, chemical ice bag, thermometer, hand disinfectant, disposable rubber gloves, etc

the third category is rescue and protective equipment. Such as whistles, fluorescent sticks, flashlights, etc. Protective equipment should also be prepared. The mask can protect the suction passage, the goggles can protect the eyes, the first aid blanket can prevent hypothermia, and the raincoat can keep the body from getting wet

the fourth category is copies of important certificates. 1t is suggested that the copies of important personal documents such as 1D card and driver’s license should be stored in sealed folder, and an appropriate amount of cash can also be stored in the folder< The fifth category is food and drinking water. 1t can prepare self heating food, non glass packaged canned food, compressed biscuits, etc., as well as bottled distilled water or purified water it should be noted that all items in the first aid kit must be updated regularly, especially medical supplies, food and water must be within the shelf life

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