what should not be done when using high pressure air pump

The high pressure air charging pump is a kind of equipment to charge compressed air for the air respirator cylinder. Mainly used in fire protection, mining, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries. 1n the use of high-pressure air charging pump, there will be some faults, many things caused by improper operation, many customers want to ask how to avoid the faults caused by improper operation? 1n fact, it’s very easy to avoid faults caused by improper operation, that is, according to the requirements of the installation manual, you can’t do the things that are not allowed in the manual. Next, let’s go with Xiaobian to find out what should not be done when using the high-pressure air charging pump

1. The allowable pressure level of the container should not be exceeded. For example, the maximum pressure value of high-pressure air charging pump is 30MPa. 1f this value is checked, it will cause damage to the air charging pump. Such operation for a long time will lead to the occurrence of failure

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