What should we pay attention to when making work clothes to order

What should be paid attention to when making work clothes to order? Let the small editor of China labor insurance network answer for you, now many enterprises are doing corporate culture, through corporate culture can achieve publicity, many enterprises will customize their own unique work clothes, and work clothes customization is definitely not one or two pieces, basically are mass customization, so do you know the precautions of mass customization work clothes? 1f you don’t know, it doesn’t matter. Next, let’s explain it to you

we summarize four points for attention and share with you:

style: the style of men’s work clothes can be reflected by the length, weight, collar, split, button, and pocket of the whole dress

horizontal decoration: the decoration of high-grade work clothes is more particular. Such as plastic bags, clothes rack, sometimes with spare tie, exquisite trademark and sewing in underwear pocket

workmanship: first of all, it depends on whether the left and right sides of the overalls, especially the lapel pockets, are completely symmetrical and flat; Whether the buttons and pockets are correctly positioned; Whether the sleeves, collar, front and the whole ironing are smooth and well fitted; Finally, it depends on whether the stitches are symmetrical, whether the colors of the stitches, buttons and fabrics are consistent or coordinated, and whether there is a wireless head

texture: Wool / polyester fabric is the best choice for work clothes, which is strong, straight, strong shape retention and cheap. You can use your hand to hold the toggie suit and release it. 1f you feel that tuojikai’s work clothes are stiff but not stiff, not hard, not pleated, elastic, and feel strong when you touch them, it means that the quality of the clothes is good. Check the front of the garment again, there is no “two pieces of skin” phenomenon, indicating that the quality of the adhesive lining is better. The inferior fusible interlining can make the clothes stiff, but the hands are stiff and stiff

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