when winter comes, how to eliminate car static electricity

Car static electricity not only brings inconvenience to your driving and riding, but also may cause accidents. So we should pay enough attention to it. Let’s introduce some common sense of removing static electricity to share with you

choose natural jewelry

first of all, choose natural jewelry in the car and use less chemical fiber fabrics. Friction of chemical fiber fabrics is an important source of automobile static electricity. Therefore, when choosing seat covers, cushions and foot cushions, we should use leather, wool or pure cotton products to reduce the use of chemical fiber products. Especially for seat covers, steering wheel covers and foot cushions, it is strongly recommended to use natural products or pure leather and cotton. Although the price is more expensive than chemical fiber products, it is still worth the money from the perspective of safety

tie a “tail pigtail” to prevent static electricity

electrostatic discharge devices can be divided into two types, one is the grounding type discharge device to the ground, the other is the air discharge device to the sky. Grounding type discharger is more traditional, it is also known as girdle type discharger. This kind of girdle type discharger is similar to reversing radar, which is fixed at the rear of the car. The end of the discharger contacts the ground, thus leading static electricity into the ground. This is also the kind of object that some vehicles drag on the ground like a tail bus. The air electrostatic discharge device to the sky is pasted on the rear of the car, which is a kind of antenna like object, also known as “de electrostatic antenna”

diluted glycerin

a more economical way is to wipe the vehicle body with diluted glycerin, which can keep the vehicle free of static electricity for a period of time

lay a wet towel on the dashboard

lay a wet towel on the dashboard and use the sunlight to make the moisture in the towel evaporate quickly, so as to improve the humidity in the car. 1t is also a good way to deal with static electricity

put your hand on the wall and wipe it

wash your hands before you go out and drive, or put your hand on the wall and wipe it to eliminate static electricity. 1n order to avoid static electricity, small metal devices (such as keys) and cotton rags can be used to touch the door, doorknob, faucet, chair back and bed bar to eliminate static electricity, and then touch them by hand

turn on the internal circulation air conditioner less

the internal circulation air conditioner makes the dry car even more unable to store a little water. 1t is recommended to leave the window half open (to avoid the wind blowing directly on the body). Even if there is slight sweat on the body, it doesn’t matter. 1t is better for the skin to promote the secretion of sweat glands properly

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