Where are the hours of model workers

At 6 a.m. on the 1st, the construction site of the 500000 kV Nantong West substation in Jiangan Town, Rugao city began to be busy. Lu Dongsheng, 36, is the project leader and has just won the provincial May 1st Labor Medal. On that day, 1 followed the class and experienced the hardships of the electricians at the grassroots level

the 500000 kV Nantong West substation is a key project of our province’s power grid in summer. According to the requirements, the substation should be put into operation before the end of June this year” Since the construction began on November 11 last year, we have been working overtime except for the Spring Festival Lu Dongsheng said as he took his work equipment

the day’s work is to install electrical equipment, and the workers have to climb to the 30 meter high tower” Are you going up, too? ” Looking at me eager to try, Lu Dongsheng quickly said, “after you climb the tower, your legs will be very sour tomorrow.”. He explained that climbing the iron tower requires stepping on the thin angle steel, and the stress points are concentrated in the center of the foot plate. When walking up, the leg lifting range is relatively large, so it is certainly difficult for people who do not normally touch to adapt

1 put on my helmet and safety rope and started climbing the tower. Because it’s an inclined tower, it’s more difficult to climb up. The first 10 meters is quite easy. The more you go back, the more difficult it is to lift your legs. The worker who has climbed up reminds me, “don’t look down, keep going up.”. Climbing the tower is not the hardest work. The most physical test is to stand on the tower and work for four or five hours. Sometimes when they are busy, the workers don’t come down at noon and just hang up lunch with ropes

between work, 1 talked with Lu Dongsheng about his life. He now lives in Nanjing and works in many construction sites in Wuxi, Nantong, Yangzhou and Changzhou. His wife works in an enterprise and is usually very busy. His daughter is only 8 years old. When he thinks about this, Lu Dongsheng feels guilty

Where is the time? Lu Dongsheng often asks himself. Usually, he lives near his work unit. After dinner in the canteen, he goes back to the office to work overtime. He is often busy until 1 o’clock in the night” Two days ago, the driver made a statistics. The monthly mileage is about 7000 km, and the average daily “movement” is 230 km. The most beautiful thing is to have a good sleep in the car. ”

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