Where are the labor protection appliances of the car repairman?

He is a big uncle of mine. He is my father’s little friend, good card friend and good friend. He is 57 years old, but he has a different destiny from his father. When he was nearly 60 years old, he was supposed to enjoy life at home. However, he was forced to go out to work and could only come back for a few days every Spring Festival. As usual, this year’s new year’s day afternoon he is eating in our home, we eat together to discuss, go out to work these years, every Spring Festival New Year’s day afternoon he wants to eat in us, feel this is a habit. After dinner, 1 listened to my parents discuss their feelings and experiences of this year’s life

uncle works in an automobile repair factory in Shanghai. His daily work is to help people cook (uncle is the cook in the village). The working environment is the basement of the repair factory. According to my uncle, when he arrived at that time, he was allergic to skin and had been given intravenous drip in the hospital for a week. As we all know, the work of automobile repair factory is welding, painting, paint mixing, and so on, and they are in the negative layer, the space is limited, and the damage is even greater. Uncle said: “when painting, they all cover their nose with clothes, but the smell of paint can’t go away for a long time.”. Contacting some labor protection equipment, 1 asked casually, “don’t you wear earplugs, masks or gas masks?” Uncle said with a smile: “private shop, which complete equipment ah, are covered with their own nose. 1t’s said that if you have these things in time, you don’t have to use them. The negative layer is stuffy. The air doesn’t flow. 1t’s uncomfortable to carry those things with you. “

with the development of society, the number of cars is increasing, and the number of cars repaired is also increasing. Such a dirty, messy and tiring job has given many people employment opportunities. However, the occupational diseases and health of these people are ignored. Here, Xiaobian suggests that when car owners repair their cars, they should have more patience and understanding. The safety supervision and management department should consider strengthening the management in this aspect, so that our brothers of migrant workers can stop worrying about their own health and work at home

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