Where are the masks and earplugs for decoration workers?

On the train home for the new year, Xiao Bian heard that the decoration workers were discussing one thing: “decoration makes money, but it’s too bad for your health. 1n one room, carpenters are making furniture; Waterproof workers, in how floor tiles; Painters are busy brushing the wall… But, gradually, everyone’s body can’t endure, there are hearing loss, chronic laryngitis, allergic dermatitis… “Next to me, 1 can’t help but ask:” so small space, so many people are working, and the type of work is different, it’s difficult to say that you don’t have masks, earplugs, etc A 50 year old master Li said with a smile, “son, we are all temporary workers, so the contractor will not spend the spare money to buy protective equipment for us.”

“people in the city take great care of their bodies. When we do home decoration, we all ask us to close the doors and windows; When doing shop decoration, let’s also seal the construction site with plastic cloth. So we are working in a sealed space Surrounded by a master Guo helpless expression, head down said

along the way, listening to their sighs and sighs, they were discussing about changing places and jobs in the new year. This kind of work is too harmful to their health. They are too old to afford it

Xiaobian believes that most of the home decoration is such a scene. 1n the sealed room, people of different types of work are busy together, so the homeowners should not often go to see it. They don’t like the noise and dust… They don’t want to treat this kind of environment. Where are the workers? They are exchanging their lives for money! 1n today’s society, people pay attention to health, hygiene and safety, so please also care about these decoration workers. 1 hope the relevant departments can strengthen the management in this aspect, and the relevant decoration project leaders can strengthen the personal protection of workers in this aspect, such as “issuing some dust masks, noise isolating earplugs, etc…”

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