Where are the protective masks during the unloading of sulfuric acid?

1n the freight yard, temporary workers unload sulfuric acid, because they don’t wear a series of personal protective equipment such as protective masks, protective gloves and so on, resulting in liquid into the eyes

in the first freight yard of Xinjiang, because the workers were busy, they found three temporary workers to unload the dangerous chemical sulfuric acid. The commander told them the procedure, first connect the upper and outlet pipes of the tank car with the flange of the conveying pipe, and pressurize the tank. According to the procedure, when the pressure reached the requirements, the sulfuric acid still did not flow out, so they took the initiative to vent and depressurize, opened the big cover of the slot, checked and found that the discharge pipe in the slot was blocked. They also took the flange apart and inserted the steel pipe into the discharge pipe for dredging. Unexpectedly, when the discharge pipe was tamper with, the tube sprayed a white foam liquid of up to 3 meters, and 3 people standing on the tank did not respond to it. Both the body and the face had been splashed to sulfuric acid. As the three people did not wear protective masks, the liquid entered the eyes of the three people. After being washed with water, the people in the freight yard sent them to the hospital. The doctor determined that it was alkali injury

after the accident, experts from the freight yard investigated and analyzed the accident and found that: 1. The personnel responsible for unloading sulfuric acid did not clean the sulfuric acid tank thoroughly. 1t is understood that the sulphuric acid tank was used to hold liquid alkali. Although the sulphuric acid tank was cleaned this time, the discharge pipe on the tank was not cleaned in place, and the dry liquid alkali adhered to the lower part of the discharge pipe. When it was dredged, the alkali, reaction brine and acid were ejected successively due to the pressure of sulphuric acid

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