Where do you need to use gas masks in your life

We only know that chemical enterprises should take good anti gas measures and require them to be equipped with gas masks and other equipment. However, there are many other occupations and places in our life that also need to wear gas masks. Now, Xiaobian will take you to understand:

it’s best for farmers to spray pesticides and also wear gas masks

when they went back to their hometown two days ago, it was very hot, People who went to the fields to spray pesticides came back to say who fainted in the fields and called an ambulance. This is very common in rural areas, we do not have the sense of protection, and dew in the morning and evening, we must take advantage of noon spraying pesticides

when farmers use insecticides, many farmers do not pay attention to equipped with gas masks. Let’s take a look at the introduction of experts’ knowledge about insecticides and gas masks: Generally speaking, the pesticides that farmers are exposed to are very effective, while farmers are growing vegetables and fruit trees, or planting related food crops, 1t is necessary to use such insecticides. 1t is suggested that when spraying insecticides, farmers must use gas masks and master scientific use methods

once farmers do not wear gas masks, pesticides are likely to appear on Farmers’ clothes, and may also contaminate users’ skin or nails. 1n this case, we suggest that users must seek medical treatment in time, otherwise the consequences are very serious. 1n case of emergency, clean the place contacting with pesticides with clean water

the plumbers and other underground operators should wear gas masks

the drainage pipes, deep wells and other places are the key areas of methane accumulation, and the air in the well should be detected before going down the well. 1f there is biogas in the well, it should be ventilated first to remove it. 1f there is no ventilation equipment, it should be equipped with gas mask before going down the well. The gas mask is mainly suitable for the working environment with low concentration of harmful gas and steam. The filter box only contains adsorbent or sorbent. Some filter boxes are also equipped with a filter layer, which can prevent aerosol at the same time. Some military gas masks are mainly made of activated carbon cloth, or water resistant and oil resistant fabric as the outer layer, glass fiber filter material as the inner layer, and soaked activated carbon polyurethane foam as the bottom layer, providing temporary protection when attacked by poisonous gas. Br / >
in real life, there have been many cases where gas detection has not been carried out, resulting in serious consequences. Generally speaking, the workers working in the well should tie the safety rope on themselves before going down the well. After going down the well, there should be workers on the ground to do a good job of supervision. Once it is found that the underground workers have not moved for 3 minutes, they should call or directly pull out the underground workers through the safety rope. Do not rush down the well to save people without any protective measures, otherwise it is easy to cause chain poisoning

in addition, some artists, home decoration workers, etc. When painting pigment and other processes are needed, it is also necessary to wear a gas mask to prevent harmful gases such as paint pigment from being inhaled into the lungs and causing poisoning. There are also some workplaces that will produce toxic gas hazards, such as factory sewage operations, pipeline maintenance operations, electroplating operations in electroplating plants, etc., all need to be equipped with reasonable gas masks

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