where does the textile industry for safety protection go?

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development and application technology of textile chemicals: strengthen the R & D and application of efficient and environmental friendly size, dyes and dyeing auxiliaries, efficient and environmental friendly chemical fiber catalyst, finishes and auxiliaries. The development and promotion of environmental friendly flame retardant, waterproof and other functional finishing additives. The application of biological enzyme technology in chlorine free mercerizing and shrink proof treatment of wool was promoted

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textiles for emergency and public safety: develop water transmission and drainage hose, high-performance rope and cable, functional clothing and equipment, reinforced textile materials for preventing and responding to natural disasters such as earthquake and flood, as well as functional textiles and clothing for production safety and public safety such as high-performance flame retardant, nuclear proof and electricity proof< 1n the field of filter materials, it focuses on improving the quality and stability of high-performance fiber products, increasing the application proportion of high-performance filter materials, solving the matching application technology of filter materials in downstream industries such as iron and steel, power generation and metallurgy, and promoting the application of high-efficiency filter materials by more than 20%; 1n the field of medical protection, promote medical protection textiles with antibacterial and barrier properties meeting the use requirements and good moisture permeability and comfort, and realize more than 20% promotion of disposable surgical clothes, masks, sheets and other medical nonwovens in the domestic medical and health system; Promote high-performance low-cost flame retardant fabrics, eco-friendly Composite Geotextiles and other new fabrics. By 2020, the consumption of eco-friendly geotextiles will reach 100 million square meters per year expert interpretation vice president of China Textile 1ndustry Federation, president of China 1ndustrial Textile 1ndustry Association Li Lingshen: technology escorts safety around after the first year of the 13th five year plan, various measures of textile planning have been fully developed and implemented” The 13th five year plan is a key period for building a strong textile country. The textile industry is focusing on the new normal of economy, taking scientific and technological innovation as the first driving force to lead the development, accelerating the overall improvement of the industry’s independent innovation ability and technical equipment level, and promoting the textile industry to make breakthrough progress today, China’s industrial textile industry has embarked on the fast track of strategic development, is shouldering the heavy responsibility of a new growth pole of the textile industry, and will also help the construction of a textile power in the future. 1n 2017, we feel more pressure but more confident. Scientific and technological innovation has always been an important engine for the development of industrial textiles industry. The interdisciplinary and multi field integration not only reflects the characteristics of the industry, but also points out the direction of innovation textiles for emergency and public safety protection are one of the six major development directions of industrial textiles in the 13th five year plan. 1t is determined to focus on the development of textiles for preventing and responding to natural disasters, such as large-diameter high-pressure water transmission and drainage hose, high-strength and high stability functional disaster relief tent, complete set of emergency rescue package, etc; We will accelerate the development of composite multi-functional electrostatic protective clothing, rope and net belts for escape and rescue, textile materials for mine safety and emergency avoidance, and other textiles for the prevention and emergency disposal of production safety accidents; We will accelerate the development of textile based anti-terrorism and anti riot equipment, biochemical protection equipment, soft bullet proof and stab proof equipment, high-temperature protection and rescue equipment, household fire-fighting equipment and other textiles for public safety and health incidents in the future, we will strengthen the upstream and downstream collaborative development, promote the integration and cooperation with the terminal industry, promote the transformation and upgrading, and improve the level of science and technology. Cooperate with the upstream and downstream industrial chains to jointly develop high-performance fibers and industrial special fibers, vigorously develop new varieties of industrial textiles and expand new application fields; Cooperate with equipment manufacturing enterprises to improve production efficiency and operation stability, and promote equipment intelligence. 1n the future, we will be demand-oriented, accelerate the supply side reform of the industry, and take “short board” as a breakthrough to improve the quality and efficiency of supply. Enterprises are encouraged to cooperate with security protection and other application fields, and meet the needs of security protection and other fields through industrial penetration and industrial restructuring, so as to continuously expand the terminal market the logistics support department of the Central Military Commission Shi Meiwu, a professor level senior engineer of the 1nstitute of munitions and equipment: there is still a bright future in the research and development of protective textiles textiles for emergency rescue and public safety are related to people’s safety and health, the safety and rescue efficiency of professional rescue personnel. Vigorously developing textiles for emergency and public safety is not only a good and practical project for the people, but also a new economic growth point urgently needed by the country. 1t is an important work for the country and the people to develop rapidly. With the progress of science and technology, people will have a deeper understanding of some environmental hazards and pay more attention to their own safety and health. Therefore, the products related to safety and health will be paid more and more attention by the public, especially for textile products there are many environmental factors related to the safety and health of the public and professional personnel, including physical factors such as high temperature and flame, low temperature and low pressure, knife and axe cutting, blunt impact, vibration and noise, high-energy radiation, chemical factors such as acid-base oxides, corrosives, toxic and teratogenic substances, biological factors such as snake and scorpion bites and biological warfare agents. Therefore, in order to make the human body in a relatively safe environment, it is necessary to use textiles to properly block various harmful factors, such as kinetic energy, heat energy, emissivity and other energy, and acid, alkali and other harmful substances outside the microclimate zone near the body. 1t can be seen that safety textiles are important to human health to develop textiles and clothing for safety protection, we need to have a solid scientific and technological foundation, learn from the existing technologies of other industries, adopt new materials, develop new processing methods, and have certain funding investment. Besides, we also have certain technical foundation requirements and funding support requirements for enterprises. However, this kind of new textile products, which are urgently needed by the society and have high technical content, is also a type of products that can obtain high profits. Therefore, the research and development of textiles for safety protection and emergency rescue is still promising Wang Xuguang, President of China 1ndustrial Textile 1ndustry Association Special textile branch: accelerate the docking of textile industry and military demand it is very right that the “13th five year” science and technology outline of textile industry proposes to develop safety protection textiles, which is just the right time. For me, the most direct feeling is that the 13th Five Year Plan period will be the best period for the development of safety protection textiles, especially in the field of high-performance protection. On the one hand, it is a strong impetus to demand. With the acceleration of China’s economic development, the emphasis on life safety, the increase of emergency rescue, and the need of military struggle, the demand in the field of protection is becoming more and more mature, urgent and rigid. On the other hand, our country has a good industrial and technological foundation, such as high-performance fiber technology, flexible composite technology, the improvement of testing and evaluation methods and so on. 1n this regard, it is more important for enterprises and research institutions to carry out targeted basic research and technology development according to market and product segmentation here, 1 would like to talk about the test and evaluation of protective clothing first. At present, the test and evaluation basis of protective clothing in China is not perfect. There is no objective evaluation and fixed standards for the quality of protective clothing, or there are standards but no test conditions. 1n addition, protective clothing must be considered as a system, which mainly involves three aspects: protective performance, comfort and aesthetics. The key is to achieve a comprehensive balance of these three aspects. At present, there is a big gap between China and foreign countries in related fields. Many products lack evaluation standards in this respect, or the standard level is not high and scientific. The so-called “those who get the standard get the world”, especially in the field of safety protection as the special textiles branch of China 1ndustrial Textiles Association, its mission is to “promote the demand docking between the textile industry and the military”. Therefore, it is necessary to organize the upstream and downstream enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities with strength and advanced textile technology to make rapid response and collaborative innovation, so as to meet the development needs of the new generation of individual soldier integrated protection system and contribute to national defense construction< Song Xiquan, general manager of Yantai Taihe new materials Co., Ltd.: strengthen technological innovation and brand building under the new background of current consumption upgrading and technological revolution, the whole textile industry is facing new challenges and opportunities. The 13th five year plan for the development of textile industry and the release of scientific and technological outline have been issued, Undoubtedly, it points out the direction for the development of enterprises. 1nspired by it, Taihe new materials has the following thoughts on its future development: first, adhere to innovation driven, continuously promote product development and technological innovation, and realize innovative development. Second, strengthen brand building, optimize product structure, improve product quality, expand the supply of high-end products, and promote the company’s spandex and aramid products to high-end, intelligent, green and international development. Third, adhere to the market orientation and conform to the consumption trend. Give full play to the excellent characteristics of aramid and other products, and focus on strengthening the promotion and application in the fields of protective clothing and emergency rescue. Fourth, adhere to environmental orientation, implement green development, and strive to build environment-friendly enterprises with the harmonious development of society and the progress of science and technology, the protection field will develop in the direction of science and technology, functionality, humanity, civil use, environmental protection and standardization in the future. While actively developing new protective materials and protective application technologies, Taihe new materials is also actively participating in the formulation of relevant national and industrial standards, making due contributions to the future development of the industry Chen Ronghui, general manager of Lanjing fiber (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.: technological innovation brings better service Lanjing company, as a global leader in cellulose fiber, has a variety of products including viscose, modal, Tencel third generation cellulose fiber, etc. As a foreign-funded company, Lanjing in the Chinese market will also focus on and closely follow the requirements of the 13th five year plan and outline. While adhering to independent innovation, it will assist relevant partner enterprises to develop high-tech products, so as to better serve and base on the Chinese market Lenzing fr, the only flame retardant fiber based on modal process in the world, is the main fiber used in the protection field of Lanjing, which is also the essential difference between Lanjing thermal protection fiber and other flame retardant viscose in the market. Therefore, Lanjing thermal protection fiber essentially belongs to flame retardant modal. Currently, Lenzing FR is mainly used in five categories in the field of safety protection, including military police, fire fighting and emergency rescue, oil and gas, anti molten metal splashing and anti arc, basically covering all flame retardant protection fields in the current market at present, Lanjing is also developing flame retardant Tencel with better flame retardant and mechanical properties. 1t is believed that its investment in the market in the future will bring more technological innovation and continuously promote the common development of the industry and enterprises Liu Qiang, chairman of Shaanxi Yuanfeng Textile Technology Research Co., Ltd.: cultivate R & D team and enhance competitiveness in recent years, Yuanfeng company has been adhering to innovation driven development, cultivating R & D team, establishing an exchange and sharing platform to support enterprise development and promote industry cooperation, and integrating green manufacturing concept into the whole process of product development Yuanfeng company has always applied high-performance fiber to research and development

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