where is the future of labor protection personnel and labor protection appliances?

When it comes to vulnerable industries, 1 believe many labor insurance workers will be very angry. 1t is said that our annual contribution to GDP is not low. How can we not get rid of the label of vulnerable industries. When can we completely discard the shortcomings of backward product standards, poor varieties and low technology? However, it’s hard to get rid of it completely

then, if we want to develop better, we must first understand our own situation and know ourselves and the other, so as to make a correct route. Then, where is the current labor protection products industry

first, industrial scale and collectivization is a long-term topic

nowadays, most of the enterprises of labor protection articles still stay in the old production mode of scattered, individual and manual workshops. Although some enterprises have introduced advanced equipment, there is no room for improvement in workers’ technology and overall quality, which makes the development of enterprises seem prosperous, 1n fact, it can’t stand scrutiny. Once a young enterprise has the same conditions, it will soon surpass or even replace it with a little improvement< Second, continuously improve the standards, integrate with international standards, promote the development of the industry the inspection standards of labor protection products are more rigorous and scientific, so as to produce high-quality labor protection products. Although China has adopted international standards, there are still some products that have not specified national standards, some standard technical indicators are still relatively low, and some product inspection methods are still relatively backward. With the development of global economic integration, domestic enterprises pay more and more attention to the development of the global market, learn from foreign advanced technology and experience, close to international advanced standards, and connect with international standards the labor insurance workers are social people first, and they should shoulder the social responsibility first, so that our industry and enterprises can have better and greater development

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