Where is the future of Wenling shoe industry?

after the in-depth study of Wenling shoes industry, some experts are worried that as a shoe production base mainly producing low and medium grade shoes, its prospect is worrying due to the continuous growth of labor cost, raw material cost and other factors in recent years

in 2010, we encountered “recruitment difficulties”

“recruitment difficulties year by year, more and more difficult year by year.” 1n Wenling shoes enterprises, the first half of this year is a record high of more than 70000 workers. 1n order to recruit people, business owners have made every move, and always treat the symptoms rather than the root cause

it’s hard to recruit workers here, and enterprises there are constantly expanding their production scale. Since 2001, the number of Wenling shoe factories has increased by more than 300 annually due to the low threshold of entering the shoe manufacturing field, which has exacerbated the difficulty of recruitment

with the difficulty of recruitment, there are increasing labor disputes and rising minimum wage. 1n the first half of the year, there were hundreds of labor disputes in Daxi town alone, and the minimum monthly wage increased from more than 900 yuan in 2008 to more than 1500 yuan now. The increase in costs makes the shoe enterprises with lower profits even more stretched. 1n addition, the rising shoe industry clusters in Henan, Hebei, Shandong and other places have more obvious cost advantages than Wenling shoe industry. Where is the development of the latter

“we can only increase the per capita output value by tapping the potential of management and improving the technological level, which is the only way to solve the root cause.” Sheng Jianyong, chairman of Zhejiang Zhuoling Shoes Co., Ltd. Zhuoling has more than 1100 employees in the first two years, but now it has been reduced to more than 900. However, its annual output value remains unchanged. 1t depends on these two moves. 1n recent years, baolite company has reduced its staff by nearly 50%, but its annual output value has increased slightly. 1t also relies on the management to tap the potential and improve the technological level. Due to the fact that most of the managers of Wenling shoe enterprises come from other places and are closely related to ordinary workers, some shoe enterprises have introduced the practice of management participation to encourage managers and stabilize the staff. Sheng Jianyong believes that this management mode is very likely to be popularized in Wenling shoe enterprises

not only that, some enterprises have also increased the adjustment of product structure. Zhejiang Nuoer Shoes Co., Ltd. started the glove production project, while Qijiang Shoes Co., Ltd. and Taiyuan Shoes Co., Ltd. broke through the manufacturing field of artificial leather shoes and tried to produce real leather shoes in order to increase the per capita output value

the debate between customer orientation and brand orientation

“why do some shoes with similar quality, style and comfort sell for thousands of yuan, while others only sell for dozens of yuan?” “The answer is two words: brand,” Pan said< According to pan Kecheng, the nature of labor-intensive industry determines that the ultimate competition of shoe industry lies not in the content of science and technology, but in cost and brand. According to this logic, brand management is the only way to save itself after the cost advantage of Wenling shoe industry has declined the fact is far from simple as early as the 1990s, Wenling shoe industry put forward the development idea of brand management. More than ten years later, Wenling shoe industry has emerged one national export inspection free enterprise (baolite), four Chinese famous trademarks, four Zhejiang famous brand products and seven Zhejiang famous trademarks, but on the whole, it is still in the pattern of “small, low and scattered” “every industry has a agglomeration effect. Wenling shoes are mostly low-end shoes, and the customers they attract are those who purchase low-end shoes. You suddenly make high-end shoes. One is that there is no such technical atmosphere, and another customer who purchases high-end shoes seldom comes to you. ” Sheng Jianyong made such an analysis. 1n 2006, a well-known shoe enterprise in Wenling launched the Mazhen shoe production project. One year later, the project came to an end. 1t is said that the reason is that the market is not good Zhuoling company is the president unit of Wenling shoe leather industry association and one of the leading enterprises in Wenling shoe industry. Up to now, Zhuoling company has been doing OEM production honestly” The development of enterprises should have a practical orientation. We are not the elite of brand development. What we can do is the elite of production. We can make our own products, let more enterprises purchase your products, and then paste their brands. ” Sheng Jianyong said but many enterprises challenge this view. Since 2008, Qijiang, Taiyuan and other shoe enterprises have successively launched the production project of Mazhen leather shoes, and the supply exceeds the demand, and the sales price keeps rising. With the production of real leather shoes, why did the former famous shoe company fail, while Qijiang and Taiyuan succeed? Pan Kecheng believes that the main problem lies in the timing: “in recent years, enterprises have been trying to produce real leather shoes, and gradually formed a agglomeration effect. 1t is much easier for enterprises to launch real leather shoes projects again.” at the same time, fudelong company, which produces children’s shoes, has invested 5 million yuan for brand advertising, and has set up exclusive stores all over the country. So far, there are seven stores. The products are in short supply, and the retail price is even more than 100 yuan” Why is it so expensive? Because the materials used are high-end, and the styles are designed independently. The most important thing is that the product has initially formed a brand effect. ” Zhu Fude, chairman of fudelong company, said the shoes building carries the dream of upgrading people passing by Wanchang road in Wenling City can see the majestic appearance of Wenling shoes building. This high-rise building with an investment of 200 million yuan has been completed and can be put into use by next year at the latest. As the R & D base of Wenling shoe industry and the headquarters of Wenling shoe enterprises, the office space of the building has been sold out for a long time, and baolite, Zhuoling and other shoe enterprises even take over one floor it is worth mentioning that some shoe supporting enterprises will also enter the shoe building” We work with shoe manufacturers to improve. ” East Asia company head said. East Asia company is one of the largest professional sole manufacturers in China, and 80% of its products are sold to Wenling market from secondary rubber to PVC material, rubber plastic synthesis, polyurethane, and finally to EVA sole, the change of sole materials of East Asia company reflects the development road of Wenling shoe industry. 1t is understood that the East Asia company’s current EVA sole accounted for half of the company’s total output” This shows that EVA sole is becoming more and more popular in Wenling, and indirectly reflects that the pace of transformation and upgrading of Wenling shoe industry is accelerating. ” The person in charge said

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