Where’s daddy going arouses controversy

South Korea’s original version of where Dad is going broadcast the content of learning to ride a bicycle last week. Five children stepped on two wheeled bicycles without auxiliary wheels respectively, challenging to ride on their own. The cute and serious appearance made netizens shout cute. However, the production unit did not require to wear a helmet, but also attracted some criticism from netizens

in this content, we can not only see the different education methods of each father, but also observe the personality traits of each child. The growth of the children not only makes the father feel proud, but also reminds many audiences of the throbbing mood when they learn new things

there is no criticism in the praise. This time, the children are not allowed to ride with safety helmets, which can be said to be the negligence of the production unit. According to the data, 77% of bicycle accidents are caused by brain injury, and 89% of them do not wear safety helmets. For the sake of children’s health and safety, both producers and parents should be more careful

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