whether anti haze masks are effective or not the government should formulate standards

Now there are too many products in the name of anti haze. 1’ve seen more than 300 yuan masks, but do they work? ” This morning, Wang Jianmin, a deputy to the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress and a professor of the school of management of Beijing Normal University, reported to the station of the Municipal People’s Congress. He disclosed to reporters the issues that will be concerned at the meeting

some time ago, Beijing suffered from continuous heavy pollution weather, which made all kinds of anti haze products sell well. Wang Jianmin said that all kinds of haze masks alone make consumers have no choice. The price ranges from a few yuan to a few hundred yuan, but it is not clear which kind of effective consumers are

“1 think there are more than 300 masks on the 1nternet, and the price of purifier is getting higher and higher. Recently, some people have started to install fresh air system.” He believes that such a wide range of anti haze products need a unified effect evaluation standard, which can be publicized for the people to choose. He suggested that the relevant government departments should take the lead in formulating standards, and the third-party organizations should test and publish the results. At the same time, the Beijing municipal government should also cultivate local enterprises to produce protective products, so that a wider range of citizens can enjoy cheap and effective anti haze masks and other products

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