white collar workers wear safety helmets to work netizen: are they working with their lives?

have you ever worn a helmet in an office? A few days ago, when a citizen Qin Wei (pseudonym) went to work in a company in Jiangjin, Chongqing, he was surprised to find that all the employees of the company were wearing safety helmets. So Qin Wei quickly took out his mobile phone to take photos and sent them to wechat circle of friends

not long after the photos were sent out, Qin Wei’s circle of friends exploded, arousing netizens’ curiosity” 1s this corporate culture? “” Do you work with your life when you wear a helmet? ” Some netizens joked that “if the company wants to become a net celebrity, it will soon set off a fashion trend…” the netizens’ comments can be described as “a variety of forms”

in order to satisfy the curiosity of netizens, the reporter immediately contacted Wang Qin (pseudonym), an employee of the company. 1t turned out that the company was going to open a hotel upstairs, but now it is under intense decoration, which affected the office of the company downstairs to a certain extent. 1n order not to affect the progress of work, the boss of the company has a big brain hole. He has equipped every employee with a safety helmet to ensure the safety of employees during work

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