White gloves found at the scene of murder in land requisition in Pingdu, Shandong Province

At about 1 a.m. on March 21, a tent in dujiatuan village, Fengtai street, Pingdu City, Shandong Province caught fire, killing one farmer and injuring three others. They sleep in this temporary tent to prevent developers from seizing land

the name of the deceased is Geng Fulin, 63 years old. After Geng Fulin died, villagers used ice coffins to keep his body at the scene. However, around 3 am on the 22nd, a large number of riot police holding riot shields and batons pulled Geng Fulin’s body away

at the beginning, Pingdu authorities defined the case as “fire”. Only one day later, the official notification was changed to “suspected arson”. 1n this contrast, Geng Fulin’s body was cremated in a hurry, which caused a lot of criticism. Zhu Xiaoding, a lawyer from Beijing Cailiang law firm who visited the scene, believed that the autopsy was a scientific experiment, and the results had a lot to do with the experimenters and equipment” This kind of case of national concern, an autopsy on the final conclusion is not rigorous, you can invite authoritative experts to do a few more times, in order to get a convincing conclusion

at the scene

the villagers found white gloves smelling of gasoline

the place where the fire broke out was a simple tent. When the reporter came to the scene on March 22, only the blackened skeleton of the tent was left. There were also two fire extinguishers on the ground, and other things in the tent were charred

there are also three beds in the tent, one of which is a steel upper and lower berth. These beds are all moved by villagers from their own homes. Li Chongnan’s is an iron bed, Geng Fulin and Du Yongjun’s is a bamboo bed, and Li Delian’s is an iron shelf bed with upper and lower bunks. He sleeps in the lower bunk

Li De Lian said that many villagers gathered in the tent to chat on the night of March 20. After the villagers dispersed, the four of them soon fell asleep. 1n the middle of the night, he suddenly found the tent on fire, because the upper bunk blocked the fire, sleeping in the lower bunk, he was able to escape in confusion

but Geng Fulin was not so lucky. At more than 2 a.m., when the villagers who heard the sound of gongs rushed to the scene to put out the fire, Geng Fulin’s clothes had been burnt out, lying face down on the ground, motionless and breathless< The fire killed Geng Fulin, 63, and injured Li Delin, Li Chongnan and Du Yongjun, among whom Li Chongnan and Du Yongjun were seriously injured. At present, Li Chongnan and Du Yongjun have been sent to Weifang hospital in Shandong Province for treatment, while Li Delian is treated in Pingdu local hospital after the fire, Li Delian said that the fire started around the tent at the same time. 1f there was a fire in a corner, all four of them had time to escape. The villagers suspected arson< At about 5:10 p.m. on March 22, a villager found a pair of white cotton gloves under a black wooden board on the slope next to the crime scene. There were light yellow stains on the gloves. A villager smelled it. There was a smell of gasoline on the gloves. At 5:14, the villagers called the police for the first time, but the police did not arrive. 1t was not until the fourth time that the villagers called the police inspector under the guidance of the lawyer that the plainclothes police arrived at the scene. 1t was half an hour since the first call to the police< On March 22, the Propaganda Department of Pingdu municipal Party committee released a message through its official microblog that "after preliminary investigation by the public security organs, it is found that there is a suspicion of arson, which is under in-depth investigation." villagers don’t know whether the land is sold or not. the tent was built in early March. Dujiatuan village arranges villagers to be on duty 24 hours a day, so as not to let the construction team move the villagers’ land the reporter saw at the scene that the ground near the tent had been fenced. Here was to build a real estate development project called “Kaiyuan city”. According to public information, the developer claims that the project is “the image display and benchmark project of the government”. The total area of the project is about 4100 mu, with a total construction area of about 3.6 million square meters and an investment of 16 billion yuan. 1t is adjacent to Pingdu municipal government however, the local villagers said that they did not know whether the land had been sold or to whom, because so far they have not received compensation for land acquisition, only about 25000 yuan per mu of compensation for young crops. The villagers said that in August last year, several excavators came to the village to flatten the crops planted by the villagers overnight the villagers then found that someone was building a house in the enclosed land, so they set up a tent at the entrance of the land and arranged for people to take turns on duty 24 hours a day. During the day, more than 40 villagers gathered around the tent, chatting and “on guard”; 1n the evening, only four villagers were left to “work night shift” in the tent. The villagers agreed that in case of an accident, they would ring the gong for warning the sound of gongs once sounded on March 15. At that time, dozens of young people came to the tent and asked the villagers why they did not allow the construction. Some villagers found that these people were fierce, so they beat gongs. The villagers quickly gathered to the tent with farm tools, and the young people left the scene in order to keep alert, the villagers agreed that the villagers on duty should not take off their clothes and trousers when they sleep. They also put several fire extinguishers in the tent to prevent accidents but these fire extinguishers didn’t come into use in the end. On the night of March 21, it was the turn of villagers Li Delin, Li Chongnan, Geng Fulin and Du Yongjun to watch the ground. When the fire broke out, Geng Fulin couldn’t escape suspicions whether the family carried away the corpse by themselves or the official “robbing the corpse” the Publicity Department of Pingdu municipal Party committee said on its official microblog that the dead had suffered from stroke, slow action and casualties. The villagers were individual villagers in dujiatuan village who did not agree with the land income distribution method of the village committee Du Yongjun’s sister-in-law said that at present, they have not been compensated. The medical expenses are paid by the village group in advance, and the government has not given them an explanation< According to Geng Fuchun, the younger brother of Geng Fulin, a relative has reached an oral agreement with the government. As for the content, he doesn't know, "1'm a farmer, so 1 want to live a normal life." Geng Fuchun said just as the families of the injured were waiting for a statement from the government, there was a “corpse snatching” storm in the local area after Geng Fulin died, the villagers rented an ice coffin and put Geng Fulin’s body in the cold storage at the scene of the accident. Several ten villagers were holding the tools of shovel and other tools, and were on the side of the corpse. But around 3 am on the 22nd, a large number of riot police appeared in dujiatuan village with riot shields and batons. Local villagers said the villagers on duty took up tools such as shovel and hoe, and clashed with riot police. Less than ten minutes later, the villagers were pushed back and Geng Fulin’s body was taken away. Br / >
but Pingdu official denied the theory of “robbing corpses”. According to the official microblog of the Publicity Department of Pingdu municipal Party committee, on the morning of March 22, the family members of the deceased transported the body away from the scene by themselves, and the police on duty maintained order. According to the legal procedures, the public security organs cremated the relatives after the autopsy

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