White labor protection gloves disliked by military fans

many military fans have always had a “big opinion” on the use of white labor protection gloves by the PLA Air Force and thought it was “very low”. But it seems that the Taiwan army also has this habit. According to Taiwan’s Dongsen news recently, it is “very unprofessional” for pilots to wear white labor protection gloves in the mainland’s new recruitment publicity film< However, according to the survey of China labor protection net, wearing white labor protection gloves was originally a tradition in the West. Europe used gloves to symbolize authority and holiness, so the early European Knights put on white gloves to show that they performed sacred duties; Take off your gloves and hold them in your hands to show your natural and unrestrained leisure; Throw gloves in front of the other side to show a challenge duel; The challenged Knight picked up his gloves and declared to fight. As a result, the officers of later generations also wore white gloves, which became the decoration for the soldiers to flaunt the martial jihad there is another saying: the reason why Chang kaishen wore it in the national army is that after returning from studying in Japan, he imitated the Japanese army’s promotion. By using white gloves to see whether the soldiers’ guns are contaminated with dust, we can know whether the soldiers’ daily maintenance of guns is in place no matter what kind, white gives people a pure and clean feeling, and many people have a special preference for white pornography. What do you think of the habit of wearing white gloves as a professional(Copyright notice: This is the original article of the website reporter. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source link address: http://www.chinalaobao.com/news/3/12054.html

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