Who said that anti clothing is omnipotent?

Anti clothing, also known as anti chemical clothing, refers to the clothing that can prevent nuclear, biological and chemical weapons (nuclear, biological and chemical weapons). These garments are generally totally enclosed and equipped with respiratory filtration devices. Nuclear weapons: the killing effect of nuclear weapons is divided into two parts: instantaneous killing and subsequent killing. 1nstantaneous killing refers to the formation of huge photothermal radiation, electromagnetic radiation and shock wave when a nuclear bomb detonates.

photothermal radiation has a certain range and angle, Avoid the range and angle, do not wear chemical clothing is OK, can not avoid, in the heart of the explosion, wearing eight is also a dead

electromagnetic radiation is mainly to the equipment, as long as it’s not carrying explosive electronic devices (such as electronic time bomb or something) in explosive fire, it’s generally OK

the shock wave also has a range, and it will be thrown up within the range. As for whether it is killed by falling or being smashed or injured, it depends on the environment. 1t has nothing to do with the chemical protective clothing. 1t’s OK outside the range

as for the subsequent lethality, it means that the mushroom cloud formed after the nuclear explosion is actually a huge nuclear dust cloud with strong nuclear radiation. 1t will drift along with the wind direction, settle and pollute a large area, causing nuclear contamination of local land and water sources. 1f organisms are exposed to these radioactive dust through contact, inhalation, eating and other channels, they will get radiation sickness, Until death. However, the single energy of radioactive dust itself is not large, and it needs to directly contact with people and reach a certain number to be fatal. At this time, wearing chemical protective clothing in and out of the nuclear contamination area can effectively avoid inhaling and contacting nuclear contamination, as long as you wash with water when you come out< Chemical weapons: chemical weapons can kill people mainly through inhalation of gas or liquid and skin contact. No matter it's functional or neurotic, as long as people don't touch it, it's OK, just like the mask dipped in water and diving glasses can effectively deal with tear gas. Therefore, the closed system of chemical protective clothing and respiratory protection device can effectively deal with chemical weapons< 3. Biological weapons can be divided into two types, one is host type, the other is medium type. Medium type biological weapons achieve the purpose of killing by injecting pathogens into the air and water. When dealing with air medium biological weapons, only special chemical protective clothing with breathing lungs can work, and general chemical protective clothing is ineffective; Generally, the water medium does not spread through the air and does not contact with it; The biological weapons of host, such as plague and so on, are useless. The main measure is to destroy the host or search for antibodies through the variants in the host in a word, chemical protective clothing has a good protective effect on the subsequent killing of chemical weapons and nuclear weapons, and has a certain effect on the air medium in biological weapons. The others are not so smart China labor insurance net

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