Who will be in the top 10? The most influential selection activities in hardware industry are full of suspense!

the activity of “2017 China’s most influential hardware industry selection” jointly organized by South China city network and several industry associations and media organizations is in full swing. Since the activity was launched in January, it has attracted extensive attention from the industry and attracted the active participation of nearly 1000 enterprises. At present, the excellent brand evaluation link of the selection activity has ended, Enter the final expert credit evaluation stage

in the “excellent brand review” stage, Huanan city.com conducts a strict inspection on the enterprise brand, influence, advantages and other aspects according to the relevant information provided by the enterprises, and gives a fair and just score according to the inspection situation. As of April 30, among the nearly 1000 registered enterprises, the top 20 enterprises with higher scores in the two stages of online voting and excellent brand evaluation include Dongguan Dawei hardware equipment Co., Ltd., Suzhou younaide Trading Co., Ltd., Foshan yingzhiyin Hardware Tools Co., Ltd., Shenzhen BESTAR 1ndustrial Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Bufan Electronics Co., Ltd

this activity is divided into three stages: audition period (enterprise registration + online voting) – excellent evaluation period (excellent brand evaluation) – excellent evaluation period (expert credit evaluation). Starting from May 1, the selection activity officially entered the credit review period. The procurement review panel and expert review panel co-ordinated by South China city network will conduct credit review for the top 50 enterprises selected by online tickets. The review will be conducted through the dimensions of enterprise basic information, asset scale, social credit, e-commerce operation, etc. Finally, the final score will be calculated according to the score weighting of online voting, excellent brand evaluation and expert credit evaluation, and then the most influential final winners in the hardware industry will be selected. 1t can be said that before the final stage, every candidate enterprise has the possibility of counter attack. Let’s wait and see

in fact, not only the evaluation of selection activities is strict, but also the selection of cooperative suppliers by South China city network is strict. From supplier qualification selection, product detection to risk management and control evaluation, South China city network has established strict standards to ensure that every product sold meets the quality requirements. At present, there are thousands of cooperative suppliers of MRO mall of industrial products in South China city network, which are selected for cooperation only after checking at all levels and on-the-spot investigation. At the same time, through the perfect credit system, South China city network carries out quantitative scoring for cooperative suppliers on a regular basis and implements dynamic management, aiming to provide high standard products and services for downstream purchasers through the perfect supplier management system

PS: to learn more about the activities, you can visit buy5j.com, the MRO mall of South China city net, click the topic on the home page to learn the latest news of the selection activities, or you can learn more about the “2017 most influential selection activities of China’s hardware industry” through Baidu search keyword

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