Who will manage the explosion of high altitude bomb when the hydrogen balloon falls into the farmyard

The reported “four people were injured after falling in a farmyard in Peixian County, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province” celebration balloon was finally found: it was lifted off from the celebration site of Guangxin automobile trade in Lankao, Henan Province on February 15 due to broken rope, and landed in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province after a 200 km flight. Then, how can the injured party recover the responsibility from the responsible party? Will such UFOs pose a threat to aviation safety

implementation | the real owner was “exposed”

yesterday noon, manager Yang of Kaifeng Guangxin auto trade dialed the reporter’s phone: “peers in the industry told us that the balloon was made by Lankao Guangxin auto trade, and local people all know it…”

the reporter found a recruitment information of Lankao Guangxin auto trade on the 1nternet, And called its business manager. The man who answered the phone said, “1 am a relative of the owner of the plane. On the evening of the 18th, he has been called away by the public security bureau to talk and has not returned.”. When 1 left, 1 left the phone at my relative’s home

yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to “Guangxin auto trade” near the intersection of Huanghe Road and national highway 220 in Lankao. The door of the store with an area of about 30 square meters is locked, and the cars are placed in the open space in front of the door. According to a stall vendor at the gate, the balloons were rented on the morning of February 15, the 16th of the first lunar month, when the store opened for celebration in the new year. “1n addition to balloons, there are arches, big red hydrogen balloons with a diameter of more than one meter, which are hung with red banners at the gate. The balloons are tied to stones with ropes. A child watching the crowd unties the ropes and the balloons fly.”

the peddlers around also said that the person in charge of the store had been arrested. “1t’s said that the balloon floated to Jiangsu Province and injured people. The boss blamed him. He had to pay for the trouble caused by bear child.”< At 7 o'clock last night, the reporter learned from Lankao police that Yue, the person in charge of Guangxin auto trade, said in the police station in the early morning of the 19th that the rope tied to the balloon was broken by himself, and whether it constituted a crime remains to be further investigated. Yesterday afternoon, Yue left the police station< How to divide responsibilities yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed the “registered” bank again. The bank said it would cooperate with the police investigation and hoped to clarify the facts through the media lawyer Li Qingchuan said that if the aggrieved party in Jiangsu wants to investigate the responsibility, it can sue to the court, and the court will divide the responsibilities of all parties. As far as this matter is concerned, the automobile sales company, as the leasing Party of the balloon, may be more responsible. 1n addition, the celebration industry leasing balloons, if suspected of violations, also bear joint and several liability. 1f someone can prove that the rope of the balloon was actually untied by the child, the injured party can investigate the responsibility of the child’s guardian query | who will manage high altitude bombs the height of the balloon can reach the stratosphere. The balloon has been flying for hundreds of kilometers. 1s there any radar detection? 1s the floating hydrogen balloon a threat to the aircraft in the fairway? Yesterday, many netizens left a message on our official website asking questions about the “explosion” of the hydrogen balloon< 1n this regard, Niu Anlin, director of Henan Provincial aviation sports management center, said that according to the relevant provisions of China's civil aviation law, when hydrogen balloons with diameters larger than a certain scale are used in large-scale gatherings, the event organizers should report, such as indicating the use time and balloon size. Even so, we should try our best to avoid accidents. To be sure, people are not allowed to fly balloons larger than a certain size. Unidentified objects flying at high altitude will cause great security risks to civil aviation aircraft, especially in the take-off and landing phase. High altitude radar can't detect flying objects like hydrogen balloons because there is no metal in them in addition, industry insiders said that if the hydrogen balloon flew from Lankao to Xuzhou, its flight distance would not be 400 km, but nearly 200 km this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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